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Well-designed Air duct aluminum foil for Doha Manufacturer

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We insist on offering high quality production with good business concept, honest sales and the best and fast service. it will bring you not only the high quality product and huge profit, but the most significant is to occupy the endless market for Well-designed Air duct aluminum foil for Doha Manufacturer, We believe that a passionate, innovative and well-trained team will be able to establish good and mutually beneficial business relationships with you soon. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Air duct aluminum foil strip, also called aluminium foil for air duct,aluminum strip to ventilation system

Alloy:8011, 1100


Thickness:0.08mm to 0.2mm

Width:60mm or according to customer’s request

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  • Lenz’s law with neodymium magnet + aluminum ingot is revealed. This explains the “UNKNOWN MYSTERY” videos that people have done with hard drive platters and magnets.

    Currents bound inside the atoms of strong magnets can create counter-rotating currents in a copper or aluminum pipe. This is done by dropping the magnet through the pipe. When done, the descent of the magnet is observably slower than when dropped outside the pipe.
    When an emf is generated by a change in magnetic flux according to Faraday’s Law, the polarity of the induced emf is such that it produces a current whose magnetic field opposes the change which produces it. The induced magnetic field inside any loop of wire always acts to keep the magnetic flux in the loop constant. In the examples below, if the B field is increasing, the induced field acts in opposition to it. If it is decreasing, the induced field acts in the direction of the applied field to try to keep it constant.

    Machine Parameters
    1. Hot stamping area: 60 x 90 mm
    2. Worktable area: 105 x 150 mm
    3. Operate way: Manus
    4. Height adjustment: 0 – 30 mm
    5. Hot stamping width: 50mm
    6. Power: 110 V / 220 V / 240 V
    7. Teat wattage: 300 W
    8. Temperature adjustment: 0-200oC
    9. Weight: 8.2 Kg
    10. Gross Weight: 9.2 Kg
    11. Dimension: 260 x 160 x 340 mm
    12. Dimension with package: 340 x 230 x 360 mm

    Company:EC Printing Machine Factory Limited
    Website 1: www.printer-manufacture.com
    Website 2: www.ecpnp.com
    Email 1: sales@printer-manufacture.com
    Email 2: sales@ecpnp.com

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