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"Sincerity, Innovation, Rigorousness, and Efficiency" is the persistent conception of our company for the long-term to develop together with customers for mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit for Trending Products mill finished aluminium profile to Mombasa Manufacturers, Competitive price with high quality and satisfying service make us earned more customers.we wish to work with you and seek common development.

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  • I put together a shufflebot costume for halloween this year (LMFAO robot head guy)… I wanted to add to the costume since I’d be out and about and doing alot of shuffling – what better way than some LED shoes that light up when I step/dance.

    This was my take on this. There are a bunch of ways to do it I’m sure, but this cost me about $11 total, and worked (still works) really well. I’ll add a parts list and some written instructions to this when I get a chance.

    Note: I chose to put my battery on the tongue b/c that’s the only place it would fit. If you have shoes you want to cut up or maybe they have a big tongue near the top flap… you might be able to hide the wires better. Since this was for halloween, i didn’t need to hide the wires. It’s all your preference. Good luck!


    1. Shoes – pick whatever, but make sure that the sides of the soles are flat enough and wide enough to apply the LED material to. The LED strips are just under .5″ wide.

    2. Battery with connector – you can get these online or at Fry’s or Radio Shack or any electronics place. You need 9-12V with 2-3A to get it to work. There are likely some battery solutions out there that would let you hide the battery better. Seek and ye shall find!

    3. LED’s – I like the RGB LEDs. You need to get the kind that are adhesive backed and flexible. I got mine from this site. – get the kind with pre-soldered wire on at least one end.
    If you want to use one color LED’s that’s fine too.. just poke around on the site.
    I would measure my shoe to see how much LED material you need. I only went around the heel, but you could go around the entire shoe if you wanted.
    They also make standard and high output. High output isn’t any brighter, there are just more LEDs. One of my shoes was high, one was standard. You can’t really tell that much difference.

    4. Conductive Copper BB’s. I used 1/16″ diameter copper balls I found on a website called McMaster-Carr. You can really use anything that is conductive. Aluminum would work well too.

    5. Pen cap or something you can use to contain your conductive material and support the wires – 4 wires if you used RGB LEDs or 2 wires if you choose to use the single color ones.

    6. Electrical tape, glue, zip ties – you’ll use this to secure the wires and tape everything together, as well as attach it all to the tongue of the shoe.

    7. Spade connector or switch inline with the positive lead so you can cut the power when not using it.

    One of the big problem for VR headsets in the market is most of them don’t have touch screen trigger.

    Previously I have uploaded a video clip show you how to use magnet to trigger the touch screen. You can watch it here

    and see how magnetic ring work here

    Today I will show you another method to add touch screen trigger to your VR headset in less than 1 minutes and almost free!!! With the tools you already have in you kitchen. Let’s see how it works!!!

    The first game is Gunslinger
    The second one is VR Missile Control

    ★ Thank you very much for watching, and for all of your support!
    ★ Thank you games developer for your great and fun games.
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    Compatible VR Cardboards and VR Headsets/VR Goggle
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    • Google Cardboard 2.0 (2015 Edition)
    • 2VR
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    • 3D Private Cinema
    • 3D VR Pasonomi
    • 3DWorld 3D VR
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    • AmanStino 3D VR 3D
    • AmanStino 3D Virtual Reality Glasses
    • Andoer 3D VR
    • Baofeng Mojing XD 3D
    • Beenoculus
    • BoboVR
    • BoboVR Z4
    • Cando VR Woody 1
    • Cardboard Owl
    • Cobra VR Viewer
    • ColorCross
    • Corxx VR1
    • Dodocase P2
    • DSCVR Headset
    • Cmor Vr
    • Deepoon V3
    • Domo Nhance VR5
    • DreamNext
    • Durovis Dive 5
    • Elegant 3D
    • ฎทฟป )1
    • EVA Vr v2
    • Evomade Viewbox
    • Excelvan 3D VR
    • Fibrum Lite
    • Fibrum Nippers
    • Fibrum Pro
    • Figment VR
    • Freefly VR
    • FOVE VR
    • GLAXXES M2
    • Goblin VR
    • GP 3DVR
    • Godhead VR Neo
    • GoGo Glasses 3D VR
    • Google Tech C1-Glass
    • Google Tech Go4D Vr
    • HeadPlay HD FPV Headset
    • HSTC
    • Homido Mini
    • Homido VR
    • I AM Cardboard V2.0
    • iHarbot
    • I-mmersive GO
    • ImmersION Vrelia GO
    • Intel RealSense VR HMD
    • ION VR
    • JiDome-1
    • Jobe Vr
    • KARAI 3D VR
    • Knoxlabs Knox v2
    • Lenovo VR Goggles
    • LT! Virtual Reality
    • Lakento MVR
    • Leap HD
    • Le-Vision 3D VR
    • LEVR Cool 1
    • LG 360 VR
    • Luxebell 3D VR
    • Merge VR
    • Moggles
    • MoreFit VR
    • Mr Cardboard POP! 2.5
    • Noon Vr
    • OneTouch Idol 4S VR
    • Phenomec VR
    • Pinc
    • Pockeyes
    • Powis ViewR 2.0
    • Razer OSVR
    • Refugio 3D
    • Ritech 3D
    • Ritech iPhone 6s/Plus
    • Riversong 3D Virtual Reality
    • Samsung Gear VR
    • SmartVR Pocket Viewer
    • Soyan Virtual Reality VR 3D
    • Speck Pocket VR
    • Stooksy VR-spektiv XL
    • Storm
    • Storm iPhone 6s/Plus
    • Tera VR Box
    • Tendak
    • Universal2Go
    • VG Virtual Reality
    • VR Case
    • VR Cups
    • VRizzmo Volt
    • VR Box / VR Box 2.0 / VR Box V3
    • VRoid
    • VR Seen
    • VR Shinecon
    • VRtrid 3D VR
    • VRUK
    • ViewMaster VR
    • ViewMaster VR 2.0
    • View-Master® Virtual Reality Starter Pack
    • Wearality
    • WeareVR ET1
    • XG VR Headset Lite
    • Zaak Dark Shader
    • Zeiss VR One
    • Zeiss VR One GX
    • Zoetrope VR Headset

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