Super Purchasing for Custom Aluminum Sheet, Embossed Aluminum Sheet to Liverpool Importers

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All we do is always associated with our tenet " Customer first, Trust first, devoting on the food packaging and environmental protection for Super Purchasing for Custom Aluminum Sheet, Embossed Aluminum Sheet to Liverpool Importers, We sincerely welcome overseas customers to consult for the long-term cooperation and the mutual development.



 Basic information



Embossed Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Embossed Sheet, Stucco Embossed Sheet,Diamond Embossed Sheet

      Grade and Temper

Alloys: 1050, 1100, 3003,3004 3005, 3105, 5005, 5052, 6061,60838011,etc Temper: 0-H112


30mm to 1800mm


0.04mm to 2.0mm



Coil Specifications

I.D.:  150mm,300mm,405mm, 505mm

O.D.:  300mm – 1270mm

Packing Detail

Wooden pallet either eye to wall or eye to sky


Deep Freezer,Ice Chest,refrigerating cabinet,Automobile interior equipment, Tool boxes for pick up trucks, Lift, Building decoration


 Surface Quality:

 Be free from Oil Stain, Dent, Inclusion, Scratches, Stain, Oxide Discoloration, Breaks, Corrosion, Roll Marks, Dirt Streaks and other defect which will interfere with use.


Mechenical Property:

Chemical Composite and Mechanical Property are meted with GB/T, ASTM, ENAW, and JIS Standard.



 First, plastic cloth; Second, Pearl Wool; Third, wooden cases with dry agent, without fumigation, wooden pallets.



  ISO9001:2008, SGS and ROHS (if client request, paid by client), MTC (plant provided), Certificate of Origin (FORM A, FORM E, CO)


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    -Broken charge and play kit alternative
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    -Using your Xbox 360 controller without ANY batteries

    What you’ll need:
    - A phone or AC charging cord
    - Xbox360 wireless remote
    - A box cutter blade/x-acto knife etc.
    - 2 AA batteries (optional)
    - 3 pennies (optional)
    - Soldering kit (optional
    - Tape (optional)
    - Paper clip or binder clip (optional)

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment or send me a message.

    NEVER bring your red and black wires together. It can cause sparks, fire, electric shocks or an explosion!
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    Additional Information:

    Notice my controller does not turn on with the white battery pack.
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    Plug two batteries in like so, and pop two or three pennies in at the top to bridge the current.

    The second option is to use a charging cable with a USB port on the opposite end.

    My battery pack is completely dead, and needs a charge (or I would like to use my controller without any batteries)

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    Thanks to the magic of editing, most of my woodworking sins have been hidden. Here’s an overview of the enclosure I built for my Shapeoko.

    Waterproof LED Strip:
    Note: I would buy via Prime and not through a Chinese vendor with a 4+ week lead time. Not worth the hassle. 12V wall adapter not included (I got this one: ).

    Outro: LarsM & Side-B ft. Aloma Steele – “Over”

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