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Rapid Delivery for Aluminum slug to Oslo Factories

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Bear "Customer first, Quality first" in mind, we work closely with our customers and provide them with efficient and professional services for Rapid Delivery for Aluminum slug to Oslo Factories, We warmly welcome customers from all over the world for any kind of cooperation with us to build a mutual benefit future. We are devoting ourselves wholeheartedly to offer customers the best service.

Aluminum slug

Material: 1070/1060/1100/1050/3003 O
Thickness: 0.4-6mm
Diameter: 10-100mm
Usage : Toothpaste, aluminum hose, tube
Packaging   : bale packing ,cartons, wooden pallet
Delivery   date: 10-25days after getting deposit
Payment terms: T/T,   L/C


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    I tried to include everything here in this one video to help you decide if the Hayward cleaner is right for you or if you already own a Pool Vac XL, Navigator Pro or Pool Vac Classic how to keep it running for years to come.

    The main drawback with this cleaner is that it is a parts hog. Out of all the cleaners I deal with, this one requires the most parts to be changed year in and year out. The good news is that the parts are easy to change and once done the cleaner should be zipping around the pool.

    You can also adjust the cleaners suction if you are the original purchaser with the dlow gauge that came in the box. But it is pretty easy to tell if it is moving too slow or too fast. After awhile as it is running in your pool you can adjust it visually. If it seems like it is running on the bottom -sprinting more or less it is going way to fast and vice versa if it is going to slow

    These are great for dusty or dirty climates like the desert or pretty much the entire state of Arizona ;) . They clean well, usually don’t get stuck in the pool and cover a large area in a short time. I have heard that the anti-vortex drains and some very sharp corners give this cleaner trouble. Those may be some drawbacks to consider.

    I included a look at the side port Vac Lock which is a must have as a safety device. Sometimes you will be running your heater and using the automatic cleaner before a pool party starts. With a Hayward Vac Lock installed, if some kids jump in and the cleaner is going and the hoses pop out, the vac lock will snap shut preventing any entrapment. The side port suction can be very powerful. I have every single cleaner on my route installed with either a Hayward Vac Lock or another competing brand. If the spring on the Vac Lock breaks off you should immediately replace it.

    I also show the most common problem with the cleaner, that of the A-frame wearing out. You can just replace the A-Frame but I find that it is better to also replace the Turbine since it also wears out . If you just replace the A-frame chances are the cleaner will still work slowly. Changing both assures a good result.

    Here is the video on changing the A-Frame & Turbine: https://youtu.be/jD9hiFQBthA

    You can keep your cleaner working for years if you so choose, but at some point you might get tired of changing the parts and opt for something else. In that case if you would like to see other Automatic cleaner reviews try this Playlist on my Channel:


    For other videos on how to change more parts on the Hayward cleaner see this playlist –

    Hayward Cleaner PLAYLIST:


    Here are some leaf canister videos on my Channel -
    Hayward Standard Leaf Canister : https://youtu.be/ea243_oqGzo
    Pentair Leaf canister: https://youtu.be/RHEtesUaQNM
    Hayward Large Capacity Leaf Canister for Pool Cleaners: https://youtu.be/BA1aRDheiBI

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