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Professional Manufacturer for Anodized aluminum profile Wholesale to Paraguay

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We emphasize development and introduce new products into the market every year for Professional Manufacturer for Anodized aluminum profile Wholesale to Paraguay, If you have any comments about our company or products, please feel free to contact us, your coming mail will be highly appreciated.

Anodized aluminum profile

1.Surface:silver anodized,colorful anodized



4.Length:cutting according to customer’s request

5.Mould:made according to customer’s drawings or sample


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    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Pemko 2001AT. This is a mill finish latching panic exit saddle with a black thermo seal insert. This is a sample piece for purposes of this video. The 2001 is representative of the profile of this threshold. The A stands for the mill aluminum finish and this item is going to be available in the D for dark bronze anodized, G for gold anodized. The insert material that you can get, the T stands for this thermo seal which is a very typical and common item that is going to be used in bump up style thresholds. Also available in a vinyl and a pile as well. Vinyl will have a look very similar to this except that its performance characteristics will not be nearly as high as this synthetic piece of material that is going to emulate rubber from Pemko. Vinyl is poor extreme temperature wise and exposure to ultraviolet. Only if you were on a project that was incredibly cost sensitive would you use vinyl in my opinion. You would always want a higher caliber item like thermo seal and frankly I don’t recall the last time that I’ve sold this with a vinyl insert. Now moving on, also it is available in pile should you want a very small piece of thin soft mole hair or pile, that common and you will see it all of the time and you will see it in aluminum store front entrances. A lot of people like a pile sort of seal because it provides depending on the installation, it provides a very nice seal on the face of the door but does so with a very small compression requirement. It doesn’t take much to press the pile whereas this thermo seal is much more rigid. I would personally use the pile in an instance where there was a lot of activity. I do not want the pile or insert to obstruct the door installation. A door will move over time, the threshold with all of its lateral force will move over time. A pile in the long run when the door is constantly opened and closed is probably better off maintenance wise provided that it is making contact with the face of the door versus something much more rigid like thermo from Pemko. Where I would use the thermo seal is in instances where the doors are primarily closed all of the time. You might have exit doors on the back of a big box store. You might have three pairs of doors on a hundred square foot building and those doors are always kept closed. The fact that they are not used very often and having a more rigid or less flexible insert that would work under circumstances by which they were not going to be expected to operate flawlessly and continuously all day long. I would opt for a better amount of force of the seal on the face of the door in that sort of circumstance. Weatherstripping or sealing the door would be more crucial. The fact of the matter is with a door that is in constant use, the pile versus thermo and the differences of energy efficiency between the two are negated because the door is always open. So in instances where the door is always closed, I would probably go with a thermo. If it wasn’t extreme temperatures, and there was no exposure to ultraviolet, vinyl might make okay sense in that regard as well. So this is again just a 6″ sample piece. Dimensionally, lets go over the dimensional properties. You can see from the image below this video that this threshold is 5″ wide and is 1/2″ tall. So this is going to give you the benefit of something that is handicap compliant and is going to give you the benefit of something that has a very positive stop to the face of the door, and is going to give you a situation where the water really has to go back and to the left kind of movement to get the water up around what is in effect a 3/8″ tall berm that is here plus it has that inserted key stock so water intrusion from down here is all but not going to happen. So I am a fan of bump up style thresholds because they really stop it but I feel that you lose the total potential of a threshold like this without a door sweep. The door sweep is going to occupy this space and I would have a sweep out here. I want to prevent the other at the front of the point of intrusion. I’m partial to Pemko for a few reasons. They have a comprehensive, the broadest spectrum of offering when it comes to weatherstripping from any single manufacturer. That is great because it is a one stop shop is what we are saying. But really what comes into play and into the formula is the fact that their customer service is so positively dependable. They are just good and they get the job done every single time. So Pemko is a good company to consider with good quality full offering of weatherstripping sort of products. If you have any questions on the Pemko 2001AT bump up style threshold or any other Pemko product, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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