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OEM Manufacturer Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet for Auckland Manufacturers

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Our company has been focusing on brand strategy. Customers' satisfaction is our best advertising. We also supply OEM service for OEM Manufacturer Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet for Auckland Manufacturers, We will supply best quality, the most market competitive price, for every new and old customers with the most perfect green services.

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  • From https://www.kevincaron.com – Artist Kevin Caron uses a new top-loading sprayer to apply linseed oil to a commissioned railroad spike sculpture ….

    The sprayer Caron is using to apply the linseed oil to a new sculpture is a high-volume, low-pressure spray gun. Instead of having the big metal can on the bottom where the liquid is siphoned up into the gun, this applicator has its container on the top so the liquid feeds down. That lets you get everything out of the cannister instead of having that last little stubborn dribble left.

    At the bottom of the spray gun handle is a connection for the air compressor. A nearby knob controls the pressure, while a knob at the back of the upper part of the gun controls how far the trigger moves and therefore how much material you release.

    There’s another knob he’s not sure about. He thinks it’s what controls the air coming out of the nozzle to create a fan that can be aimed different ways for varying the coverage for different applications. Because he’s just trying to coat railroad spikes, he wants more of a stream than a wide spray. He’ll also restrict the amount of oil released to avoid runs.

    Caron puts on his respirator and safety glasses safety equipment and plays with the mystery control. It does control the fan shape – flat for spraying up and down, or sideways for side to side to cover more area.

    Next, Caron begins spraying the linseed oil on the sculpture, which takes about 15 minutes. “This little gun works pretty good,” he says, about the Harbor Freight tool.

    Now it’s time to heat the oil to help it seal and cure onto the metal. He intended to use a rosebud fitting on his oxygen-acetylene unit, but he’s out of acetylene, so he got out a weed burner, which is used to clear irrigation ditches.

    Caron lights the weed burner with his propane torch, then secures the torch and sets it away from the area where he is burning. He begins applying the heat to the sculpture, saying, “You don’t want too much of a flame.”

    Although he has the flame turned down, the burner’s large head can heat a lot more area at the same time. He can heat two spikes at once, making the weed burner a better choice for this job than the rosebud tip, as long as you don’t turn up the heat too high.

    This is going to take a while, so while Caron is working, you can head out to his Web site at https://www.kevincaron.com and check out some of his sculptures. Watch this sculpture develop at https://www.kevincaron.com/art_detail/banked_bramble.html

    Lost In Space B-9 Robot 3rd Season Ultimate Prop Replica:
    This B9 Robot was given the privilege to appear at the “50th Anniversary of Lost in Space” at the Hollywood show in Los Angeles. It also held a private exclusive photo shoot with the cast along with their signatures. Photo’s and video will be made available as part of this sale.
    3rd season version (paint & finish as seen in the final season)
    Retail Price: $40,000.00
    You save: $11,000.00 (28%)
    Our Price: $29,000.00

    - Acrylic bubble.
    - Acrylic collar & vents.
    - Torso made of Fiberglass based from original mold.
    - Welded steel torso hooks.
    - Laser cut aluminum bezel with acrylic chest buttons.
    - Actual Dialight sockets, Lens and Neon.
    - All metal tread sections, knee plates and hinges.
    - Real rubber tread belts.
    - Knee bellows, leg bellows, arm & neck bellows.
    - 32 Custom aluminum wheels.

    Functioning Components:
    - Lots of Sound FX and Dialogue from the series!
    - This Robot has a 6 channel remote control that works 5 motors.
    - The Robot will come to life at your control and you can impress
    family and friends.
    - It has dual arm & claw extensions that will open and close, move
    forward and back.
    - The Robot has a rotating torso, entire functions may be used at
    same time to bring the Robot to life.

    Additional Functioning Components:
    - This Robot is not mobile, but is mobile ready with it’s steel tread
    - This Robot has very accurate twinkling bright lights in the brain
    section, and also has animated rotating radar ears.
    - There is also a soil sampler door at the bottom left of the tread section
    giving the option to add a motor for walking.

    - Torso is motorized and rotates with remote control.
    - Radar section ears rotate automatically.
    - Arms extend / retracts with remote control.
    - Claws open and close with remote control.

    Jupiter 2 Elevator:
    - Beautifully crafted custom built elevator from the show.
    - Made out of the best aluminum materials.
    - Has 2 large LED light systems with 6 settings: * Alternate flashing * Dual flashing * Front to Back * Back to Front * On / Off flashing * Still light

    - Robot height 6′ 5″
    - Robot weight aprox. 275 lbs
    - Elevator height 8′
    - Elevator weight aprox. 150 lbs
    - Elevator separated into 2 pieces, elevator ribs can be
    - Heavy Duty 81 1/2 x 28 1/2 x 33 aluminum travel crate case
    with wheels is included.
    - Breaks up into 3 pieces

    Discount codes or coupons are not accepted on this item!

    Shipping is approx. $750.00 USA excluding Hawaii & Alaska.

    Payment: Bank Wire Transfer, Business or personal Check, Money order or Cashier’s Check (No credit cards accepted).

    International Express air FedEx only. Use this link for international shipping details!

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