OEM China High quality aluminum wire for Qatar Manufacturers

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Every member from our high efficiency sales team values customers' needs and business communication for OEM China High quality aluminum wire for Qatar Manufacturers, We welcome you to join us in this path of creating a prosperous and efficient business together.

Aluminum wire

1.Surface:mill finished, anodized



4.Length:cutting according to customer’s request

5.Mould:made according to customer’s drawings or sample


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  • To get instructions and detailed photos, you can download my “Radiant Charger” eBook on my website: https://www.ritalie.com/store

    This is a heavy duty circuit designed to use off the shelf parts which cannot fail during normal use like other circuits sometimes can. Power comes from 12 volt DC power supply (you can use 10-16 volts). The circuit uses an automotive spark module which cannot fail from accidental static shock, or high temperature operation. The coil is a 1.0 ohm 120v to 2000v microwave step up transformer. Both coils are used during operation to produce a unique low ohm, high voltage effect. The trigger circuit is also immune to high voltage feedback failure, which is common with high voltage DC pulse circuits.

    Tuned frequency is 1,111 Hz using 316L stainless steel with clean drinking water from a well in the countryside, no chemicals or electrolyte added. This is producing Brown’s gas, as is evidenced by ignition tests and examination of the bubbles. Brown’s gas is a far more potent form of HHO, it carries a very high positive electrical charge, and this charge turns the gas into a zero point energy carrier. Brown’s gas can travel into, and permeate into porous metals and materials because it is electrically unbalanced and seeks to join other materials which can donate their electrons.

    The gas is missing electrons, and yet it forms a stable molecule arranged of mono-atomic H and O atoms loosely bound together. If you add electrolyte to the water or use excessive current, you will reduce the production of Brown’s gas, and in some cases you will not get any Brown’s gas. To get the most Brown’s gas, you need high voltage and clean tap water with non-magnetic stainless steel plates. Brown’s gas is a zero point energy carrier, because it will rip electrons from the surrounding environment upon ignition. Normal compressed tank hydrogen will not do this, because it is not Brown’s gas. So you end up getting far more energy out of this positively charged Brown’s gas than standard HHO from chemical based electrolysis or tank hydrogen. Upon ignition the gas explodes violently with a clear, or clear blue flame.

    The sound produced is ground shaking, and ear shattering, and it is not safe to ignite even the smallest bubbles without hearing protection. This is the same energy produced in the Joe cell or Stanley Meyer setup, although Stanley Meyer should have given credit to Yull Brown who invented Brown’s gas. When used in an HHO welder, this is the gas that will cut through tungsten, and melt rocks. If you have true Brown’s gas, a tiny amount of gas has huge power.

    Brown’s gas is positively charged and missing electrons. The spark at the tip of your spark plug contains free electrons which can be donated to Brown’s gas. Therefore true Brown’s gas has a strong affinity for your spark plugs while the engine is running. The gas being mono-atomic and loosely bound is able to travel straight through solid aluminum objects, including your cylinder head, pistons, and intake manifold, where your engine then becomes impregnated with Brown’s gas hydrogen. When this happens, only a tiny volume of gas is needed to sustain engine operation and no gasoline is required. This is how Stanley Meyer, Bill Williams, Steven Jones, Yull Brown, Peter Stevens, and Joe from Australia were able to run their vehicles with tap water.

    It should be noted that you do not need a Joe cell to make Brown’s gas. What you need is high DC voltage, and tap water, with 316L stainless steel plates. You have to condition the water by running it with high voltage electrolysis for several hours. At this time, protons are created (not orgone energy). It is the protons which create energy, not orgone energy. And the shape and size of the HHO cell is not important, what’s important is the type of metal you are using, the clarity of the water, and the power supply.

    “How to build a Radiant Battery Charger” shows how to make the tuned circuit in this video.

    If you need instructions on how to assemble the water fuel cell, with stainless steel plates, I cover this in an eBook called: “The Complete Guide to Water Fuel.” You can download it on my website: https://www.Ritalie.com/store

    I also offer a lot of free information on my site, regarding plate conditioning in a water fuel cell, and other stuff.

    NOTE: I have spent 6 years building and designing these circuits, and have put thousands of hours into the research. I have been building engines and electronics for 16 years.

    I think you will find that my eBooks contain a lot better information than any of the scam artists out there selling fake eBooks for outrageous prices. I have very positive feedback from people who have built my circuits and are very pleased with the results.

    Circuit diagrams, eBooks and parts available here: https://www.ritalie.com/store

    Updated: 02/17/2017

    Sei Italiano? Vaffanculo qui: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdqPhyu0td8

    There are many recipes and tips on how to make the “best roasted chicken ever”. Some of them call for brining it, dropping the chicken into a salt solution over night. This makes the meat moist and nice. I agree, but for this recipe I don’t really feel the need of brining. Instead, shoving an open beer can into the chicken does two things: 1.) When the beer starts boiling, the chicken is constantly steamed from the inside, making it very moist and tasty and 2.) Because the chicken is not laying down on any side, it gets evenly crispy skin all over. I’m serving it with potatoes, and a sauce made from the chicken fat and madeira. Sweet and rich, and absolutely wonderful!

    For the full recipe, go to https://www.foodemperor.com/cooking/chickenmadeira


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