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High Quality Industrial Factory Aluminum coil to Saudi Arabia Importers

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Our company promises all users of the first-class products and the most satisfying post-sale service. We warmly welcome our regular and new customers to join us for High Quality Industrial Factory Aluminum coil to Saudi Arabia Importers, We believe that a passionate, innovative and well-trained team will be able to establish good and mutually beneficial business relationships with you soon. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Aluminum coil

aluminum coil

Aluminum Temper and Grade

Alloys: 1100, 1050, 1100, 3003, 3105, 5052 in a range of standard   Temper: 0-H112


max up to 1650mm


0.08mm – 2mm


Mill finished or PE or PVDF coating


Silver, plain, or Refer to RAL Color Chart

Packing Detail

Wooden pallet either eye to side or eye to sky


Building material such as metal ceiling, roofing, wall cladding panel;   Automobiles, etc.


1) Wall boards and ceiling for tunnels

2) Materials for industrial application, car and ship bodies

3) Facades and balconies, shopping malls, airport, stadium ,plaza and so on.


1) China Top Brand and China Well known Trademark

2) Perfect weather ability, high strength

3) Convenient installation, easy maintenance

4) Excellent heat insulation, sound insulation property and perfect fireproof Performance

5) High plasticity, good impact resistance, quakeproof performance and Low building load

6) Various colors available


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  • Please find this product at https://absupply.net/
    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Reese S486APR. This is a bump up style panic style or latch track style threshold. All of those terms are used interchangeably for this sort of threshold. It is a great threshold. This is in the world of thresholds; this is a sexy threshold that is the bottom line. Why? First of all, from Reese, notice the thickness of the extrusion, it just looks thicker than standard and that is because it is. This is a high performance insert material and we will get to that more in a moment. This is a type that is going to allow a door to bump up to a backside making it very effective and even the quality of the finish on the mill is excellent. The threshold is not scratched in anyway, and that discoloration you see is just because I touched it. The threshold S486 from Reese features these ribs or small serrations that are here and here. I like that because it helps reduce and retard that lateral sort of movement that you will see on a threshold. In those regards, heavy duty nature of the item, its dimensional properties, and the quality of just the mill finish which means nothing has been done, the caliber of the insert, the serrations at the bottom, all collude to make an excellent quality thresholdNow, you will use a slightly smaller one should the flooring condition or some sort of a concrete situation or the door length all conspires to not allow the installation of that common size. If you find out that you have no more than 1/2″ from the bottom of the door to where the threshold resides, this is perfect for you. It is a bump up style as we said before. Lets disect the part number. S486 is representative of this part number. The A means mill aluminum finish and is available in the D finish as well which is the dark bronze anodized. The PR means that this is a black polyprene insert, so it is a synthetic rubber black insert. Different variants of the insert and you simply substitute for the PR the V for vinyl, the U for polyurethane and that is a good option, and P for pile if you want a short little hair on there. What is the threshold used for? Obviously to have the door butt up against something obvious, a stop, and that is what it is. A lot of clients simply want that sort of feature so that the door makes a positive stop. I always recommend that with this threshold you add a door sweep out here because you want the first line of defense to be on the exterior side of the door and not the interior assuming this is an out swinging door. I like to add a door sweep out here to stop the intrusion of temperature elements, moisture, this is your insurance policy back here and that is the way I like to approach it. The other reason that this item is used is this very unique profile that is back here. This is where the word panic refers to. Imagine this scenario and it doesn’t apply to a 3′ threshold like this usually, but imagine there is a big box store and on the back wall, you have three pairs of doors that are all emergency exits. Those doors are equipped with surface vertical rod exit devices, door closures, and weatherstripping. Surface vertical rod exit devices, the panic feature to the extrusion down here at the bottom is specifically intended to allow that bottom latch assembly to literally latch against the face of the panic allowing you to disregard the strike plate that will come with the panic device. You are going to get the benefit of the bump up style and the ability to handle your surface vertical rod exit devices. Now, it is very common The name Reese is synonymous with all things weatherstripping related. There are a couple of links below this video I would like to draw your attention to. First of all, there is a link to the product brochure. Two pages that show the S486 and all of their sister products as it pertains specifically the S487 which is the model which is more typical and common for hollow metal doors and frames. Anywhere that a 5″ threshold is compatible, this is a great option and will include aluminum store fronts, although that is atypical but not unheard of. It will include hollow metal frames and wood frames as well but don’t see often with a wood frame because general they come with an adjustable threshold. Finally, there is a link below the video to the manufacturer’s page where you can pull up the full line Reese catalog, all of the Reese products that we sell and a link to their website. Reese does a lot more than just thresholds as you will see in their catalog like perimeter gasketing, door sweeps, material made out of aluminum like this S486, stainless steel and architectural bronze as well. If you have any questions on the Reese S486APR bump latch track style bump up style threshold or any other Reese products, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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