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High Quality for mill finished aluminium profile for Naples Importers

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Our target is to consolidate and improve the quality and service of existing products, meanwhile constantly develop new products to meet different customers' demands for High Quality for mill finished aluminium profile for Naples Importers, We warmly welcome you to establish cooperation and create a bright future together with us

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  • All information on this door bottom can be found on our website at:


    There are uneven sides
    Has an inverted condition to the bottom
    Typical for use on an exterior metal door with an inverted bottom channel
    Would be used on 1 3/4″ doors
    Comes with number 6 x 5/8″ panhead screws
    Height of face with screws- 1 3/8″
    Height of opposite face- 1″
    Height from base to bottom fin- 1/4″
    Available in multiple lengths
    This is the aluminum finish with the vinyl
    The screw holes are slotted for a small amount of vertical adjustments
    If you need a custom length we would be happy to provide that for you
    Just order the next largest piece and indicate what size you need it cut to
    When we cut your piece we will locate the screw holes in the proper locations

    New video with spork upgrade is here: https://youtu.be/coHtM9O8-qE
    This works great with beer cans, too. This is a TOTALLY different, quicker, easier, and cheaper way to do it than the other tutorials posted here. No epoxy or hard-to-size jar is needed, which allows for more storage space and makes it washable. Some how-to’s I watched here on YouTube even required Plaster of Paris. Really?!?

    With this new take on an old trick, you can make the can appear as drank/empty, as well as full. A full can gives always gives the temptation for someone to grab it(unless it is Tab or Moxie). You can even partially crush the can to make it look like trash, as long as the top and slope of the can are not damaged, it is great cover!

    Closed, the lid is strong enough to hold a full can of water flipped upside down, with very minimal leakage, just a couple drops. I haven’t played around with any clear sealants yet, but I would imagine you can reseal the can if you tried hard enough. The thicker and more curved the plastic strip is, the stronger and tighter the lid will hold(think Gatorade bottle or thicker?). If the plastic strip is flat, bending the plastic on the edges up towards top of the lid will help. Cutting them along the bottle curves, so the strips are curved, is half the battle. You’ll be surprised how strong the lid holds down and clamps in when you get it right! **UPDATE: use the handle of a cheap plastic fork, as long as it flexes a little**

    These can be made in about 60 seconds once you get the hang of it. Can must have a sloped top for this to work. Soup and vegetable cans will not work, since they don’t have sloped tops like most beverage cans.

    If you use the correct opener that cuts the can from the side(“safety can opener”), you almost always will have no sharp edge on the can, however, the lid right where you start to open it may have a sharp edge that may need to be slightly filed down.
    Web-based instructions: https://blog.blahgyou.com/2013/01/30/how-to-make-a-sodabeer-can-safe-or-secret-hiding-spot-in-60-seconds/

    *Disclaimer* This is not intended to be used for any illegal purposes.

    Questions/Comments and ideas for improvement always welcome :)

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