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We have our own sales team, design team, technical team, QC team and package team. We have strict quality control procedures for each process. Also, all of our workers are experienced in printing field for Good Wholesale Vendors Household Aluminum Foil to Bhutan Factory, We warmly welcome you to establish cooperation and create a bright future together with us

Technical Specifications
♦ Thickness: 0.009-0.03mm
♦ Width: 250-1280mm
♦ Material (alloy): 1235, 8011, 8079,8006
♦ Temper: Soft(O)
♦ Roll weight: 1-500kg/roll
♦ One side bright, the other side dull.

Supply aluminum kitchen foil in small roll, aluminium household foil. We also supply rewinding machine which rewind big foil rolls into small rolls, and the packing/wrapping machine for small rolls.

Household Aluminum Foil Application:
Used in family, supermarket or restaurant kitchen, to wrap food and keep food fresh when baking, roasting or cooking.

Household Aluminium Foil Jumbo Roll (Alloy 8011/8006/3003)
Our household aluminium foil jumbo roll is a superior household material for packaging which can resist water and oil. It can be reused and can isolate light and conduct heat. Because of these features, it is widely used in the food packaging industry .

Aluminum Foil for Food–including food packaging and food container:

Product Name Application Alloy Temper Thickness Width
Container Foil Food Container 3003/8011 O/H22/
- 0.12mm
150mm -
Household Aluminum Foil Food packing 1235/8011 O 0.01mm
- 0.02mm
150mm -
Aluminum Foil for Hot Seal Bottle Hot Seal 1050/1060/
H18 0.14mm
- 0.27mm
900mm -
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  • WEIMA WL 4 Einwellen-Zerkleinerer shreddert und WEIMA TH 800 M Brikettierpresse brikettiert Aluminum-Tuben.

    WEIMA WL 4 single-shaft shredder shreds and WEIMA TH 800 M briquetting press compacts aluminum tubes.

    Für mehr Infos wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Ansprechpartner unter: +49(0)7062 95700, besuchen unsere Website, oder finden auf Facebook unter

    For more information please contact us at +49(0)7062 95700, visit our website, or find us on Facebook at

    About WEIMA

    WEIMA has been building shredders (single-shaft and four-shaft) and briquette presses for all types of applications for nearly 30 years for customers in the wood, plastics, metal, and recycling industries among others from all over the world. The company has a workforce of around 170 employees worldwide and sales locations in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

    For more information:

    Contact: +91- 9700061777,
    040-64501777 / 65864777

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