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With our rich experience and considerate services, we have been recognized as a reliable supplier for many international buyers for Good Quality for Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet to Islamabad Factory, It is our great honor to meet your demands.We sincerely hope we can cooperate with you in the near future.

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    Easier Booby trap project:
    Harder Booby trap projects:
    Other Booby trap inspiration:

    Booby traps are good any time of the year, but they’re especially fun during Halloween. Get spooky with motorized ghosts, or try a classic prank like dropping a cup of (fake!) insects on someone’s head.

    The same circuit you use to activate a booby trap can be used as a burglar alarm, or anything else that you want to trigger when someone step into your space! Like loud sounds or flashing lights.

    When you make a pressure plate, it’s basically a touch sensor, also known as a switch. You can make a switch out of almost anything, and for this project we’re using cardboard, tape, and aluminum foil.

    The part where you can really *drop in* your creativity is how and what you use to spook your trespassers. The sky’s the limit for rigging up some fancy-pants animatronics, or hacking cheap halloween decorations.

    No matter what you string up, jiggle around, drop down, or swing past your frightened few, we want to see videos and pictures in the Maker Camp community. Don’t forget to use #makercamp on everything you share!

    And remember: while your goal is to scare the pants off anyone who crosses your threshold, don’t do anything that will hurt your trespasser. Be frightful, but always be safe while doing it!

    ⁠ aluminum foil
    ⁠ cardboard scraps
    ⁠ electric tape
    ⁠ clear or masking tape
    ⁠ rubber band
    ⁠ white tissue paper
    ⁠ insulated hookup wire
    ⁠ LED
    ⁠ 2 coin-cell batteries
    ⁠ ping pong ball

    ⁠ marker
    ⁠ wire strippers
    ⁠ art knife

    ⁠ rug

    The SATIS Servo Drive Horizontal Expander has been engineered to handle your toughest challenges! In this video we are expanding a 5mm O.D. x 16 tube x 2500mm (98.44″) long, 4 Layer (1+1+1+1) Coil. The SATIS Horizontal Expander features: Servo Driven Expansion. Servo Driven and Automatic Set Flare and Reflare. Changes to coil length are achieved automatically by input through the operators touch screen. Expansion Speed is Adjustable for Each Row, this gives you more control on both the finish length, as well as Squareness of your coils.The Upper Enclosure Doors feature Auto Closing and Opening. Carbide Bullets are used for maximum tool life. A Quick Release Mechanism has been designed for easy removal and installation of Expander Rods and Hairpin Receivers. This is truly a machine made to produce the toughest coil you face, and best of all; at a great price! For more information contact: SG USA, Phone: +1 269.503.0559 or email: You can view our website at

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