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Factory wholesale price for Anodising Aluminum Coil Export to Serbia

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We are commitment to offer the competitive price ,outstanding products quality, as well as fast delivery for Factory wholesale price for Anodising Aluminum Coil Export to Serbia, "Create Values,Serving Customer!" is the aim we pursue. We sincerely hope that all customers will establish long term and mutually beneficial cooperation with us.If you wish to get more details about our company, Please contact with us now

Anodising Aluminum Coil



Alloy: 1060,1050, 1350, 1200, 1100, 3003, 3105, 3004, 3104, 5052, 5083,5754, 6061, 7075, 8011

Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22 and H26

Width: 20 to 2550mm

Roll diameter: up to 1,500mm (maximum)

Core inner diameter: 76mm, 152mm, 505mm

Thickness: 0.2 to 7mm

Rolled and laminated width: 2,500mm (maximum)

Coating/lacquers slipped are available in plain or color

Customized requirements are accepted

ISO certified


1. Lamps and lanterns                         

2. Solar reflective materials;

3. Washing machine and Refrigerator;  

4. Boiler



1) Light and easy to be bending, has protective film on surface, no damage during processing.

2) Good UV existence: can be used in different kinds of environment, they are corrosion-resistance, no oxidation, damp proof, salt fog-resistance, acerbity and alkali resistance.

3) Pollution-resistance: finger printer is not easy to stay. Easy to clean ,is very suitable for using in air pollution’s area.

4) Scratch-resistance: oxide layer is rigid. Grade of surface hardness reaches to the level of sapphire .hard to be scratched. Common cleaning process won’t make damage to the surface.

5) The color is equal on surface, oxide layer will never be break off.

6) High security: antistatic, cooling, aluminum is good at fire-resistance. There is no poisonous gas after burning, it answer for strict fire control policy.

7) New designs are updated every month. We can explore new designs for Customers as requirements.




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  • Please find this product at https://absupply.net/searchfast.aspx?videoid=jn-zTFD_rKE This video is to bring you a closer look at the National Guard 417. This is a carpet edge threshold, and it’s a substantial piece of aluminum. The wall thickness is very thick as you can see there. Intended to finish off a carpet edge. This knife sort of shape to the bottom of the profile here is to set on top of the carpet with it tucked underneath. Leading down to a zero sort of profile here. There is an image below this video showing everything important dimensionally about the item, let’s go over that now. You can see from that image that the overall width is 2-1/2″ and that the overall height is 3/8″, kinda judge that there. Typical clients for an item like this, obviously, home owners that are needing to finish something off, and flooring contractors, carpet stores, people of that nature. Doesn’t expressly have to be used for carpeting, although that’s its intended purpose, but I have had people that have used this for just finishing off where 3/8″ dimension was a nice offset between zero and 3/8″ even though there is a beveled edge to this one side. Available in dark bronze finish as well, the 417 without any letter after it means mill aluminum finish from National Guard. Available in several different lengths. Includes screws in a complimentary finish, they look like to be about No. 10 x 1-1/2″. If you have need for a custom length, by all means let us know by ordering the next longest piece or pieces, and indicate in the comment field what length you’d like for us to cut the material back to. The reasoning is if you had to take this 48″ piece and cut it down to say 40″, you’d eliminate that countersink there, and the next countersink is all the way over here. So you’ll be stuck drilling another hole. So if you order a custom length we’ll not only locate that countersink at the proper distance from the edge, but the proper center to center as well. If you have any questions on the National Guard 417 mill aluminum carpet edge threshold, or any other National Guard product, please feel free to reach out to us.

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