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Factory wholesale 7075 Aluminum Plate to Casablanca Importers

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    Application Safety Containment Frame | MISUMI InCAD LIBRARY: IN MOTION | MISUMI USA

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    In many production facilities, a product is subject to machining and treating processes which could be dangerous to an operator without proper protective measures. Today’s IN Motion application will take a look at one way to ensure a safer operation.

    Two of the biggest safety concerns when evaluating machining processes like milling or treatments like painting are the separation of the operator from the tooling element, and from any particles, be it pieces of material being cut off or chemical fumes. The first step to minimizing these dangers is designing and constructing a frame to cover and isolate the process. This can be accomplished using aluminum extrusions and brackets, giving you the flexibility of a modular design.

    When designing a frame with aluminum extrusion, a few critical factors to consider are the supported load, environment, and overall size. For a safety cover, the load will only be the panels used with the frame. The size will depend on the dimensions required for the process tooling area, and the shape of the frame may be limited by space restrictions due to nearby work stations. Aluminum extrusion surface treatments can be used to provide visual cues for safety, while anodizing provides protection against corrosive environments.

    Because of the many profile shapes and sizes available, as well as countless bracket options from blind joints to corner angles and plates, aluminum extrusions can be used over and over in many different designs. This gives you the freedom to make adjustments to your design without having to start over from square one.

    In order to fill out the sides of the frame and contain the process, cover panels can be used, which have the option of mounting to the sides of the frame with t-nuts, brackets, and bolts, or can be inserted into the aluminum extrusion slots during assembly. Typically, the most important choice to make when considering cover panels is the material, whether in response to process environment concerns, like humidity or heat, or choosing a transparent material to monitor the process visually.

    To ensure complete process containment while allowing easy access, be sure to include a door for the frame, using hinges for folding doors, or slide rails for sliding doors. Magnetic door catches or snap locks can be used to keep the door closed during operation.

    Finally, a limit or proximity sensor can be used to send a signal and determine whether the door is open or closed. This can be programmed into the controls of the tooling process to make sure that operation is allowed only when the door is closed, as a final safety measure.

    The next time you need to design and install a frame, and choose to do so with aluminum extrusion, rest easy knowing that all the products mentioned in this episode, and more, are available through MISUMI.


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    Application Safety Containment Frame | MISUMI InCAD LIBRARY: IN MOTION | MISUMI USA

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