Factory directly supply Aluminium circle for road sign for Switzerland Manufacturers

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With reliable quality process, good reputation and perfect customer service, the series of products produced by our company are exported to many countries and regions for Factory directly supply Aluminium circle for road sign for Switzerland Manufacturers, We are confident to make great achievements in the future. We are looking forward to becoming one of your most reliable suppliers.

 Aluminum circle for road signs

Alloy: A1100,A1050,A1070,A1060,A3003


Thickness:0.4mm to 6mm

Diameter:100mm to 1500mm

Materials:CC and DC quality

Hangzhou Jinding Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Shuanglin Jiate Metal Technology Co., Ltd  are famous

aluminum circle,aluminium discs factory in China, we have DC and CC produing line  ,our aluminium circles have

good quality for road signs


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  • Guvencelik-Eurostatik
    Aluminum Extrusion Profile Coating Line with Quick Color Change

    How to Anodize Aluminum
    00:00:43 Part 1 Collecting Supplies
    00:00:50 1 – Buy some standard aluminum alloy metal parts
    00:01:15 2 – Buy a thick plastic tub to submerge your metal
    00:01:31 3 – Find some clothing dye at a local grocery store
    00:01:57 4 – Purchase degreaser product , 2 long lead cathodes and a roll of aluminum wire at a hardware store
    00:02:11 5 – Purchase large amounts of distilled water, baking soda and rubber gloves
    00:02:23 6 – Find places to purchase several gallons of sulfuric acid (battery acid), lye and a constant power supply of at least 20 volts
    00:02:53 Part 2 Cleaning Aluminum
    00:03:00 1 – Wash your metal with soap and water
    00:03:10 2 – Apply a degreaser with a cloth to remove any additional oil from the product
    00:03:22 3 – Mix 3 tbsp
    00:04:10 Part 3 Setting Up An Anodizing Bath
    00:04:17 1 – Place your plastic tub in an area that is well ventilated and away from things that could be harmed during this process
    00:04:48 2 – Set up your power supply
    00:05:23 3 – Tie 1 end of the long aluminum wire to the aluminum part
    00:05:54 4 – Wrap the wire around a thin piece of wood that is wider than your plastic tub
    00:06:22 5 – Set a lead cathode on each side of your tank
    00:06:50 6 – Pour 1 part distilled water to 1 part battery acid into your large plastic tub
    00:07:28 7 – Connect the aluminum wire that leads from your aluminum part to the positive charge supply
    00:07:49 8 – Check to make sure there aren’t any spills, the power is safely connected and your skin is completely covered
    00:08:03 Part 4 Anodizing and Dying Metal
    00:08:10 1 – Turn the power source on
    00:08:32 2 – Keep the power supply constant for 45 minutes
    00:08:55 3 – Mix a colored dye during the anodizing process
    00:09:17 4 – Turn off the power supply
    00:09:32 5 – Place the aluminum part in the warm dye bath
    00:09:47 6 – Boil distilled water on a hot plate
    00:10:05 7 – Remove the hot metal carefully and allow it to dry
    00:10:21 Warnings
    00:10:52 Things

    Content taken from WikiHow https://www.wikihow.com/Anodize-Aluminum

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