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Bear "Customer first, Quality first" in mind, we work closely with our customers and provide them with efficient and professional services for Factory best selling painted aluminium profile to Porto Manufacturer, We warmly welcome you to establish cooperation and create a bright future together with us

Painted aluminum profile

1.Surface:PE or PVDF painted



4.Length:cutting according to customer’s request

5.Mould:made according to customer’s drawings or sample


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  • Here’s what you’ll need!

    Soda Can Stove

    2 empty aluminum cans
    A marker
    Small block of wood
    Box cutter
    Small nail
    Alcohol or anti-freeze fluid
    Bricks or rocks
    Small candle
    High-heat safe piece of metal, or penny from before 1982 (Pennies from this time are 95% copper, instead of zinc)

    Place you can next to a short block of wood (approximately 2.5 in/6 cm). Place your marker on the wood, with the tip touching you can. Turn the can in a full circle to mark where to cut your can.
    Carefully cut out the bottom sections of the can with a box cutter. Trim the rough edges with scissors.
    Place a small handful of cotton in one of the bottoms, and fit the other bottom over top. Carefully close the can ends together
    Punch evenly spaced holes around the rim of the can. Punch five holes on the top center of the can.
    Slowly fill the can with your flammable liquid by pouring small amounts through the top holes.
    Once filled, take your stove outside and set it over a small candle for about 5-10 minutes. This will create a gas inside the can that will begin to exit through the holes.
    Splash a small amount of the fluid over the stove (it’s ok to let it drip over the sides), and quickly light it.
    The stove will yield a tall flame in the center until you place a copper penny or other high-heat safe metal over the five center holes.
    The flame will quickly stabilize, and begin to come out the sides.
    Set up your grill, and enjoy your new camp stove!

    See You In Your Dreams
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

    Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam

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