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Factory best selling 6063 aluminum sheet to Las Vegas Importers

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We always stick to the principle "Quality First, Prestige Supreme". We are fully committed to providing our clients with competitively priced quality products, prompt delivery and professional service for Factory best selling 6063 aluminum sheet to Las Vegas Importers, "Passion, Honesty, Sound service, Keen cooperation and Development" are our goals. We are here expecting friends all over the world!

 6063 is an aluminum alloy, with magnesium and silicon as the alloying elements. It has generally good mechanical properties and is heat treatable and weldable. It is similar to the British aluminum alloy HE9.

This series aluminum sheet provided includes 6061 and 6082 series. More specifically, the 6061 series aluminum sheet is the representative product among this series.
The main ingredient of this series aluminum sheet includes magnesium and silicium elements. It has the features of both 4000 and 5000 series.

6000 Aluminum Sheet Specifications
♦ Alloy:6061 6063 6082 6A02 etc.
♦ Thickness:0.2-150mm
♦ Temper: 0-H112
♦ Thickness(mm): 0.6-200mm
♦ Width(mm): 100-220mm
♦ Certificate: ISO9001, MSDS, SGS

Features of 6000 Series Aluminum Sheet
♦ It is a kind of aluminum sheet which can be forged with cold treatment. With this, it can be used in situations which have high demand in anti-corrosion and oxidation.
♦ As a result of its good availability and its connector with super features, it is easily coated and has good processability.
♦ Suitable for further processing of cladding wall and curtain wall

Applications of 6000 Series Aluminum Sheet
♦ This series aluminum sheet can be used in processing airplane parts, camera parts, couplers, ship parts, hardware, electronic accessories and joints, valves and valve parts, etc. It can also be used in low tension weapons and connectors in airplane.

We also provide aluminum sheet, aluminum slit coil, 5 bar aluminum tread plate, aluminum strip, anodizing aluminum coil, diamond aluminum tread plate, aluminum coil, and more. For further information on any of our products, please feel free to contact us via the phone number or email provided on our website.

As a China-based 6063 aluminum sheet manufacturer and supplier, we  also produce coated aluminum coil, aluminum plate, aluminium slit coil, aluminum strip, anodising aluminum sheet, embossed aluminum sheet, etc. For more detailed information, please continue browsing our website or feel free to contact us directly.

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    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Reese S488APR. This is a panic type threshold in a mill aluminum finish with a black polyprene insert. So the S4888 is representative of this profile. The A means mill aluminum finish and it is also available in the D finish for dark anodized bronze. The PR is the reference to black polyprene. Different inserts are available with this item. If you were to substitute the PR for V, you would get vinyl. PR obviously is black polyprene, U is polyurethane, and P is pile. Instances of where you might use each of them. Vinyl would be if economy was the absolute driving factor. If you are thinking economy, you are probably not thinking Reese to begin with because in my opinion they are a high end manufacturer of weatherstripping. You will take note of this feature of the threshold right here and how thick the extrusion is all through the leg here and al through here. You can tell that the aluminum is thick. So vinyl and Reese don’t go along together, especially when there are options. Polyprene is a synthetic silicone material which is very high performance and works in practically all conditions, extreme temperatures, and exposure to ultra violet and would work very well. Over lots of use it is very good. A step up from that is polyurethane which is U. This material is the least destructible of all of the inserts available and will easily handle things beyond ultra violet and extreme temperatures such as mildew, fungus, and abrasion resistance. If you are expecting a significant amount of traffic, then polyurethane is what you will want. P for pile is typical; I might be prone to use pile if I had a lot of traffic over a door. The pile because it presents very little compression load required, it might be something quite typical and appropriate for lots of cycles. Also, if you know you’ve got a jamb that is toed out in one direction ever so slightly, the pile will do a better job at compressing it in one area and hopefully still making contact in the other area where it is much less compressed. Quite frankly, if it were up to me, polyurethane is the item I would certainly opt for because of its abrasion resistance and ability to last very long. Also the application, if it is high volume and you’ve got a little twist, and then pile is a good option. If it is high volume and everything is really nice and straight, polyurethane for me. If economy is in mind, then vinyl would probably be the ultimate answer as well. So your application will derive what you select. If you want to discuss that, by all means reach out to us. So the S488 is what is called a panic threshold. Lets go over why that is now. The feature to the threshold allows the bottom latch of that surface vertical rod exit device to lock into this part of the threshold right here. Allowing you to not have a conflict of the bottom strike plate for a surface vertical rod exit device. So that is where it gets its name from. It is handy and convenient to have a threshold like that. So this threshold is going to be excellent for out-swing doors in the sense that you will have a positive seal of the door up against the inserted seal material. The downside for me in my opinion is that I don’t really want the barrier on the inside face of the door where there is HVAC controlling the air inside of here. I would really want my barrier to be out here. In my opinion, you are going to add a door sweep out here to seal that off whether it be a bristle or a piece of neoprene or silicone or vinyl or something out here to stop it and use it as an insurance policy so to speak or maybe you have an automatic door bottom and the inverted bottom channel of a hollow metal door that would be typical as well. I like to be able to use machine screws like a 1024 flathead bolt machine screw and then run a lead anchor into the floor and tighten it down and it is rock solid with that anchor. I then like to run beads of caulk down my threshold and place it down etc. So let us know if you have any questions on that. In conclusion, there is a link below this video to the manufacturer’s page where you can pull up the full line Reese catalog and review all things Reese weatherstripping. Not only thresholds like this, but perimeter gasketing, door sweeps, material made of aluminum like the S488APR, stainless steel, and architectural bronze as well. If you have any questions on the Reese S488APR bump up style or panic type threshold, or any other Reese product, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you very much.

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