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Europe style for Colour coated aluminum coils for roofing ceiling for European Importers

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The very rich projects management experiences and one to one service model make the high importance of business communication and our easy understanding of your expectations for Europe style for Colour coated aluminum coils for roofing ceiling for European Importers, If you have any comments about our company or products, please feel free to contact us, your coming mail will be highly appreciated.

 Colour coated aluminum coils for roofing ceiling

Aluminum Alloy
1100, 1050, 1060, 1200, 3003,  3105, 5052, 5005
Coil thickness
Coil width
Coating thickness
 PVDF Over 25 micron, PE over 20 micron
Coil weight
According to customer’s requirement, normally is 2MT or so
White series, metallic series, Dark series, Gold series( accept color customs)
Standard Exporting Wooden Pallet

We also produce aluminum tread plates,aluminum foils ,aluminum circle ,etc.Welcome your inquiry.

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