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We have a professional, efficiency team to provide quality service for our customer. We always follow the tenet of customer-oriented, details-focused for Discount Price 1000 Series Aluminum Plate to Seattle Importers, We encourage you to make contact as we are looking for partners in our venture. We are sure you will find doing business with us not only fruitful but also profitable. We are ready to serve you with what you require.

1000 series aluminum plate 




Delivery time: about 30 days after deposit

Payment term: T/T or irrevocable L/C at sight

Supply ablity: 15000MT/Month

Packaging: Export  standard packing,wooden pallet


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  • Ok, don’t try this at home, there, that is my warning. I have not fully tested this to see how hot the PVC can get before melting but I can tell you that I have had a PVC snorkel in my other Jeep for years and never had a problem. For this one I will have to wait until summer and I’ll let you know how it goes. If you are concerned about using PVC then you can find all of these same parts made out of Silicone and Aluminum on this website: . Be prepared to spend quite a bit more however. As for my version, It’s cheap just like my middle name. If you want to try it, all the parts I used are listed below… but don’t try it!!!!

    Watch the Entire Zombie Jeep Build Playlist from Start to Finish:

    Some parts are optional, don’t be afraid to experiment. Obviously the easiest way to make this would have been to put the cone filter directly into the mushroom cap which would work great but would require the cap to stick out about 8″ above or below the hood. If that is ok with you then you could save some money… For me It wasn’t an option below the hood and looked ridiculous sticking above the hood that far. Also, keep in mind that Spectre makes a kit similar to this (without the snorkel part) for $150. So another option would be to buy the Spectre kit then modify it to suit your needs.

    Parts List, from hood to throttle body:

    $36 – M35A2 2.5 TON NEW AIR CLEANER CAP MUSHROOM 5 TON M800 — Ebay

    $1.12 – Qty 4 – 3/8″ x 2.5″ long bolts
    $0.72 – Qty 4 — 3/8″ lock nuts
    $5.92 – Qty 4 — 3/8″ x 1/2″ x 1.5″ Steel Spacers
    $2.24 – Qty 16 — 3/8″ flat washers

    ^All the parts above are optional… or you can go directly into the cowl.

    $4.74 – Qty 3 — 4-5″ hose clamps
    $1.18 – Qty 1 — 3.5″-4″ hose clamp

    $26.97 – 2.5′ of 4″ defroster hose — O’reilley part # 23865 by Gator

    $10.66 – Qty 2 — 3″ pvc to 4″ sewer pvc adaptors

    $0.75 – 1/2″ MPT to 1/2″ barb 90° plastic elbow — for the blow by return
    $4.17 – Anything 1/2″ MPT made out of metal to tap the pvc for the above part
    $5.56 – 2′ or 4′ of 5/8″ heater hose depending on if you plan to make an oil catch

    $7.51 – At least 12″ of 4″ PVC drain pipe

    $30 – Inline 4″ Cone Filter — Spectre HPR0100 — Google

    $FREE – A way to stabilize the filter in the tube, see video.
    $FREE – An old license plate with stamped out letters for better cooling.

    $2.31 – 3″ 90° PVC Drain Elbow — (remember 3″ Drain PVC is smaller than 3″ PVC)
    For 1991-2001 XJ’s you’ll need to fit your rubber intake to the piece above, So take your rubber intake piece with you to make sure it fits! Let me know what you find!

    For 1991-2001 XJ’s you probably wont need the parts below:
    $3.29 – 3″ 90° PVC Drain Street Elbow — Optional for my purposes, see video
    $1.23 – 3″ PVC coupler — Optional for my purposes, see video

    For 1987-1990 XJ’s you’ll need to modify your throttle body to accept the PVC above, see my video on “How to modify your renix intake”

    Total = $144.37

    Special Tools:
    If you plan to use the military snorkel cap and cut a hole in your hood I would recommend a 4.25″ Hole Saw – $27.48


    Share your videos and earn $$$$ here:

    Need To buy Parts? Get them cheaper Here:

    Offroad Parks:
    Tee Store:
    Coupon Codes:

    Click here to License this video:

    *Disclaimer – This product is meant for entertainment purposes only. Your mileage may vary. Do not try this at home. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. For off-road use only. Slippery when wet. Batteries not included. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle, heavy equipment, cherokee, wrangler, or any jeep vehicle. May be too intense for some viewers and children under 30 years of age. Please remain seated until the ride has come to a complete stop. Studies have shown viewing these videos causes increased cancer risks in laboratory test people. I am not a professional, I have no training, I’m not even particularly good at horse whispering. Don’t believe everything that you know. Please keep your hands in the vehicle at all times. Do not tap on glass. Do not eat anything that has been on the floor for more than 3 days. Keep your hands to yourself. Not to be taken internally. Reproduction strictly prohibited. Driver does not carry cash. Objects in jeep mirrors may be farther than they appear.*
    Speaker’s voice:

    Every aluminium block has the chance to experience a positive existence – in reality however, this is often not the case.

    If we analyse the life cycle of an aluminium block, it quickly becomes apparent where the problem is.
    Every aluminium block is either lucky to be processed into an aluminium cast plate or unlucky to be processed into an aluminium rolled plate.
    Before being processed, the microstructures of an aluminium rolled plate and an aluminium cast plate are identical.
    Why rolled plates are faced with a less lucky fate is easily explained.
    During the rolling process the aluminium alloy block is pressed thinner and thinner to become a plate. One could even say it is squeezed and tortured.
    So it is hardly surprising that when we look at the cross section of an aluminium rolled plate, we discover that: not only the microstructure is different, but also a drop in strength towards core of plate exists.
    Peter is one of the many who suffer from the drawbacks of rolled plates.

    The different microstructures in rolled plates lead to residual stress in the material which make it more difficult to be worked with. And the therefore resulting longer processing times and unnecessary material wastage lead to more wear and tear of tools. The bottom line of all this are obviously significant but avoidable costs.

    Peter is not happy!
    Fact is – the problems Peter has due to rolled plates, Julian does not have thanks to using cast plates.

    Why?! You may wonder.

    The answer is simple …
    Cast plates don’t have the microstructure weaknesses rolled plates have because the aluminium block isn’t pressed and thus damaged – instead it is just cleanly sawn without any effect on its microstructure.
    Cast plates therefore offer significant advantages compared to rolled plates.

    If we look at the cross section of a cast plate, we immediately see that the microstructure is completely uniform.
    No wonder Julian is so happy!

    Aluminium cast plates like George are a dream compared to their rolled counterparts.

    The uniform microstructure in cast plates makes them very low in tension and thus faster and easier to work with.

    On top of that – no loss in strength and nearly no reject rate.

    Julian is particularly happy because the shorter processing time also reduces the wear and tear of his tools and thus leads to significant bottom line cost savings.

    Julian is happy!

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