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China Manufacturer for 3003 Aluminum Plate for Portugal Factories

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As a result of ours specialty and service consciousness, our company has won a good reputation among customers all over the world for China Manufacturer for 3003 Aluminum Plate for Portugal Factories, To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us at any time. We look forward to establishing good and long-term business relationships with you.

 3003 Series Aluminum Plate Specifications 
♦ Grade:3003 
♦ Temper:O/H14/H24/H18/H12/H22/H16/H26/H111/H112/F
♦ Thickness:0.2-350mm
♦ Width:500~2300mm

3003 Aluminum Plate Features
♦ This series aluminum plate is anticorrosive and its production technology is good.
♦ The main ingredient in it is manganese element and the content is between 1.0% and 1.5%.

3000 Aluminum Plate Applications
As a result of it good property in anti-corrosion, this series aluminum plate is commonly used in moist environments like air conditioners, refrigerators, the bottom of cars.
3000 series aluminum Plate are widely used in construction,decoration,pipe, packing,automobile,air condtioning,pot,containers,refrigeration,electrical and electronic products, etc.
With Plain, five bar, stucco, diamond, or mirror surface process, Or coated with PE, PVDF, BRUSH etc. There is (CC) cold rolling and (DC) hot rolling Line.

Type   Alloy     Temper Thickness         Width           Application
plate 3003 O H12 H14 H16 H18 0.3-0.5mm, 
Kithenware,food /chemical processing storage device
3004 thin aluminum plate work pieces, 
Building equipment ,storage device
3105 Baffles ,cap ,etc.

Jinding is a professional manufacturer and supplier of 3003 aluminum plate based in China. We also offer aluminum coil, aluminium slit coil, aluminum sheet, coated aluminum coil, diamond aluminum tread plate,and more. Whenever you have a need for any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

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