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9 Years Factory big 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate for Bangladesh Manufacturers

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To meet the customers' over-expected satisfaction , we have our strong team to provide our best overall service which includes marketing, sales, designing, production, quality controlling, packing, warehousing and logistics for 9 Years Factory big 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate for Bangladesh Manufacturers, We warmly welcome merchants from home and abroad to call us and establish business relationship with us, and we will do our best to serve you.

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    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Pemko 216PWV. This is a painted white aluminum door shoe with an integrated drip cap as you can see. And that is what the 216 stands for. This profile of aluminum extrusion with the drip cap. The “PW” means painted white and the “V” stands for vinyl. A standard builder’s quality sort of seal material. There is an image below this video showing everything important dimensionally about it. Lets go over it now. The height on the large face or the exterior is 1-5/16″. The dimension of the small side, they say is 5/8″ but it is looking a little bit more then that. That is definitely incorrect; it is every bit of 1″ on that dimension. The critical dimension however is the 1/2″ from the bottom of the extrusion down to the bottom of the vinyl seal. That is going to be the dimension that is most important because that is the undercut that you are going to be dealing with. So you are going to need to be right near that sort of undercut for this to be able to work correctly for you. Now the one dimension that we did talk about, the projection of the drip cap, that is about 9/16″ and drip caps for people that have never used them, you come to learn quickly that a drip cap like this is extremely effective in helping prevent water from getting underneath the door. Just the little 9/16″ projection is helpful in getting it to drive away from the door completely. You can also get from Pemko this same sort of profile drip cap that can be installed on the header across the doorway and then even 2-1/2″ projection version. Both are available in painted white as well. And that is significantly helpful in keeping water from raining. Hitting the wall, hitting the side of the house is typically where you will see this and getting it pushed off the doorway. Available in milled aluminum finish, gold, satin nickel, dark bronze, and typical finishes like that and also several different lengths. If you have need for a custom length, by all means let us know by ordering the next longest piece or pieces and indicate in the comment field what length you would like for us to cut the material back to. The reasoning is if you take this 36″ piece and cut it down to say 32″, you would eliminate that slotted hole there and the next one is all the way over here. It is nice to have that slotted hole from the factory because it allows you to compensate for a sill that may not be level or a door that is not plumb. It will also help compensate for a miss drilled hole when you are predrilling the screw holes for the screws that are included by the way. Looks like about a #6 x 5/8″ in a complementary finish. When you are drilling through steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, the drill has the tendency to walk a little bit if you have not used a center punch and that slotted hole will help to compensate for that as well. Where you are going to see this drip cap is obviously on exterior doors. White tells me that it could certainly be residential in nature, but not exclusively. 1-3/4″ doors is what this is made for, so keep that in mind as well. Again, the critical dimension is 1/2″. You are going to want to make sure that if you have an existing door that the 1/2″ requirement here is going to work. You could have a little bit greater then 1/2″ because you could tug that down a little bit because of the slotted hole. Anything less, 7/16″ in that range you can’t have too much of the binding under the door or it would be difficult for the door to open and close and could certainly hamper any spring hinges or door closers that might be on the door as well. Pemko is a full line manufacturer of all things weather stripping related. Not only door bottoms like this, but thresholds, perimeter gasketing, material made of aluminum like this, stainless steel, architectural bronze as well. Any questions on the Pemko 216PWV painted white door bottom or any other Pemko product, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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