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8 Years manufacturer Aluminum circle for lamp cover to Australia Factory

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Every member from our high efficiency sales team values customers' needs and business communication for 8 Years manufacturer Aluminum circle for lamp cover to Australia Factory, We also ensure that your selection will be crafted with the highest quality and reliability. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Aluminum circle for lamp cover

Aluminium circle for lighting

Alloy:1100, 1050,1060,1070

Diameter:100mm to 600mm

Dc OR CC quality

Good for deep drawing or spinning


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  • (I AM NOT A SMOG TECH) but Ive worked in a smog shop and im very familiar with the smog process and know how “they” rip you off, I mean smog vehicles lol, so I know what im doing. I show how easy it is to complete the dreaded drive cycle monitors (LIVE WITHOUT TURNING OFF THE CAMERA) when you fail smog for “OBDII self test incomplete”. If this driving cycle procedure does not work the first time, do it again but you have to do it after 8 hrs because the cars computer electronic control module (ECM) has to reset so you have to wait the next morning pretty much if you want to perform the drive cycle again. Be persistent and do your research on what the Drive Cycle is for your vehicle.
    How to prepare your car for the dreaded smog test.This is a list of everything I do when I smog vehicles.
    DO NOT DISCONNECT YOUR BATTERY OR ERASE THE CODES BEFORE THE TEST (unless you fixed an issue that caused a CIL and want to get rid of the check engine light immediately)
    Change the Oil
    Change Air Filter (I know I forgot to mention it in the video)
    Check coolant Level
    Change spark plugs (Cap & Rotor if applicable)
    Change spark plug wires if they are old they might be neglected & due anyway
    Check Timing (look at Decal sticker under hood or in the eng compartment area)
    Check tire Pressure
    Check Gas Cap for pressure release
    Do a visual and check for any missing or disconnected vacuum hoses
    check for cracked air cleaner housing, Air Ducts etc (the Smog Tech will look for any DAMAGED, MODIFIED, OR MISSING Smog related components).
    Drive your vehicle for 20-30 minutes on the freeway to get the catalytic converter HOT and up to its highest efficiency to burn emissions at its best. (Works best when HOT)
    use 87 octane fuel not 91 octane. (for better and faster combustion).
    Yes, some shops rent out scanners between $40-$80 a day. Call around and ask.
    God Bless Put JESUS CHRIST FIRST hope this helps you out. Now go ATTACK it!

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    1 cav
    Total cycle time 1.3 sec

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