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5 Years Factory Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet for Boston Factory

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To create more value for customers is our business philosophy; customer growing is our working chase for 5 Years Factory Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet for Boston Factory, We, with open arms, invite all interested buyers to visit our website or contact us directly for further information.

The mirror aluminum processing, screen printing, coating color processes a variety of patterns, and the patterns on the surface with aluminum mirror effect is brilliance,and the effect is very good.
By a special surface treatment technology, various pigments, paints, etc.  specular aluminum can be easily colored, colors and strong performance.

Product Characteristic:
♦ Surface smoothness and easy cleaning
♦ Flexible suspension system makes each ceiling tile easily installed and disconnected
♦ Easy to match lamps or other ceiling parts
♦ Surface color can be stable for 10 years by indoor use
♦ Durable and washable
♦ Inflammable and fire resistant,waterproof,moisture proof, Sound and heat insulated,corrusion resistant,easy maintenance
♦ Light weight and excellent decorative suspension system

Aluminum mirror Ceiling Application:
Shopping malls,supermarkets,outdoor facilities,gas stations,toll stations,subway,railway stations,airports,bus stations,schools,offices,meeting room,building lobbies,corridors,toilets,sport venues.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet based in China, we also offer aluminium slit coil, diamond aluminum tread plate,  coated aluminum coil, etc.  Whenever you have a need for any of our products, please feel free to contact us .

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    Please find this product at https://absupply.net/searchfast.aspx?videoid=Mpz4VKMKwME This video is to bring you a closer look at the National Guard 8135N. This is a mill finish aluminum in neoprene bump-up style threshold. This is not the most common of bump-up thresholds or latchtrack thresholds, but it is certainly common enough to where people will buy this threshold because of it’s lower profile meant to remediate a condition by which you’ve got a much smaller undercut under the bottom of the door to the top of a floor, is why people use this, because it’s just 1/8″ over here and then 1/2″ overall. So the 8135 is representative of this profile. The “N” means that the insert is neoprene synthetic rubber. Also available in the dark bronze. Dimensionally, there is an image showing everything important dimensionally about the item below this video. You can see that it’s 3-3/4″ wide, then we’ve got 1/2″ over here and then 1/8″ over here. So this would be perfect if that standard undercut, let’s say of a hollow metal door and frame, which is typically 3/4″, maybe the floor got raised up or poured after the frames were installed and that 3/4″ turned into 1/4″ kind of thing, is why you would use this. They call it a latchtrack threshold because you could use this threshold as a means by which to secure your doors closed when you’ve got pairs of doors and using surface vertical rod exit devices. The word “latchtrack” refers to the ability of the threshold to act as that bottom strike for the bottom latch case of a surface vertical rod exit device. Available in several different lengths. If you have need for a custom length, by all means let us know by ordering the next longest piece or pieces and indicate in the comment field what length you’d like for us to cut the material back to. The reasoning is if you had to take this 36″ piece and cut it down to say 32″, you’d eliminate that countersink and the next one’s all the way over here and it’s nice to have that countersink from the factory exactly where it is. So if you ordered a custom length, we would not only locate that countersink at the proper distance from the edge, but the proper center to center as well. Speaking of those countersinks, screws are included. Like a No. 10 x 1-1/2″ flathead wood screw. National Guard is a full line manufacturer of all things weather stripping related. Not only thresholds like this, but perimeter gasketing, and door sweeps, material made of aluminum like this, architectural bronze, stainless steel as well, and they are actually a full line manufacturer of metal vision frames for use in steel and wood doors, in addition to a comprehensive manufacturer of weather stripping. The name National Guard Products, quite frankly, is synonymous with the word weather stripping, in my experience. If you have any questions on the National Guard 8135N latchtrack type threshold or any other National Guard Product, please feel free to reach out to us.

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