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2016 High quality anodized aluminum sheet/Coil for Victoria Importers

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We strive for excellence, service the customers", hopes to become the best cooperation team and dominator enterprise for personnel, suppliers and customers, realizes value share and continuous promotion for 2016 High quality anodized aluminum sheet/Coil for Victoria Importers, We cordially welcome customers from at home and abroad to join us and cooperate with us to enjoy a better future.

 anodized aluminum sheet/Coil

anodized aluminum sheet/Coil
Alloy No. Thickness
A1050,A1060, A1070,A1100 0.2-100 20-2200 20-8000 O,H12,H22,H14,H16,H18, H24,H26,etc
3A21,A3003,A3105,A3004 0.2-100 20-2200 20-8000 O,H14,H18,H24,etc
A5052 ,A5005,A5083,A5754 0.2-100 20-2200 20-8000 O,H18,H24,H32,H34,H111,H112 ,etc
A6061,A6082,A6063 0.2-200 20-2200 20-8000 T4,T6, T651,etc
A8011 0.2-100 20-2200 20-8000 O,H12,H22,H14,H16,H18,H24,H26, etc
Packing : Export wooden pallets.
Standards:ASTM-B209. EN573-1, GB/T3880.1-2006
Quality of material: totally free from defects like white rust, oil patches, roll marks, edge damage, camber, dents, holes, break lines, scratches and free from coil set
Application : Mainly used insigns, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, high-rise buildings and factories wall decoration, kitchen sink, lamp, fan leaves, with pieces of electronic, chemical equipment, sheet metal processing parts,     deep drawing or spinning hollowware, welding parts, heat exchangers, bell surface and disk, plate, kitchenware, decorations, reflective devices, ect
MOQ 3tons
Payment term: T/T,L/C




♦ alloy: :1060,1200,1100,3003,3004 etc.
♦ temper:O~H112
♦ width:500mm-1500mm
♦ Length: according to your requirements

 The features of the anodized aluminum sheet 

 1. It is very glorious of the anodized aluminum sheet/coil which can be making the products more and more beautiful.

 2. The anodized aluminum sheet can save so much time and save so many proceeds from the anodized aluminum sheets.

 3. After anodized, the products are very clean also antifungal for the aluminum coil.

 4. Anodizing aluminum can be used for so many industries such as the kitchens, Airplanes, Constructions, Electronic, Packing, Etc.

 5. After anodized, it will be different kind’s surface and different colors for choosing.

 6. Different surface for the anodized aluminum sheet, with different usage.




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    Welding on an aluminum canoe using the Hobart Handler 210MVP.

    Please find this product at https://absupply.net/
    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Dorbin 22GV. This is a gold anodized aluminum door bottom or door shoe. This is what it is going to look like and the reason that some of them are like this is because they are able to tailor how much gap they can account for when installing this door bottom seal. They also like it because it gives a lot of surface area on the bottom as well. It is very common for exterior doors and common when you have a smooth top flat plate. You might have a service door where you take parts in and out and that is going to be a flat and smooth surface and this makes a great option for an exterior door. Gold tips me off that it might be a residential application because gold is a bit less common and that is the G in the part number. You can also see that it will allow you to tailor different door thicknesses as well. This is going to be intended for 1-3/4″ door and you are not going to be able to stretch it out to anything beyond 1-3/4″ but there is an image below this video showing the dimensional properties and you can tailor that item from 7/16″ gap up to 3/4″ is how you can tailor this to work. If you have an 1-3/8″ door no problem. If you have a very unusual thickness or you might have something that is an 1-1/8″ then this is a great option. When you want a door bottom that will cover the bottom of the door, seal very completely, and it is an irregular door thickness. Now the 22 stands for the profile of this item. It is a U shaped flexible style door bottom that has aluminum inserts on either side that are identical. The G stands for the finish. You can do this in G for gold, A for mill aluminum, and D for a dark brown finish. The V in the part number stands for the insert and is for vinyl. This is going to be a vinyl unit and is the most common material that is used in weatherstripping applications is vinyl. The bubble vinyl to seal the bottom of the door includes screws as you can see. This happens to be a 36″ length and is available in any length easily up to 8′ but can go longer but shipping becomes costly when you have lengths longer than 96″. If you have need for a custom length, by all means let us know by ordering the next longest piece or pieces and indicate in the comment field what length you want to cut the material back to. The reasoning is this. If you had to take this 36″ piece and cut it down to 34″, you would eliminate the two slotted holes that are there. Keep in mind that if it is an issue for you by all means I will call it out but I don’t think it will be. Generally I’m accustomed to seeing the slotted holes staggered so that there is no possibly for the screws to hit each other. These screws are short and Dorbin calls them out at 1/2″ but they are actually 3/4″. It is not going to be a problem on 1-3/4″ door where you have these back to back slotted holes. They will help you with the meeting stile hooks, the sill and header pieces and the rib strips, standard and rib both with and without returns for those old double hung windows. Here in Chicago, there is an innumerable amount of historic and historic because they are decades old and still work. Weatherstripping installations that people need to continue to get useful service out of and Dorbin offers all of that material whether it is fixing up an old window, one in a house of 30 windows, or all of the way to doing historical work. You might be a university building a new dorm building and it needs to match the one that was built in 1905 literally as a natural example to go with material like that, Dorbin is an excellent source. There is a link below this video to the manufacturer’s page where you can pull up all of the Dorbin products that we sell, but also a link to their product catalog as well. If you have any questions on the Dorbin 22GD, gold anodized aluminum door bottom with a vinyl seal and that image below this video is going to show that dimension at 3/4″ for the face of the aluminum extrusion which is fairly accurate or any other Dorbin product, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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