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20 Years Factory Anodized decorative aluminum sheets to Italy Factory

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We believe in: Innovation is our soul and spirit. Quality is our life. Customer need is our God for 20 Years Factory Anodized decorative aluminum sheets to Italy Factory, We believe that a passionate, innovative and well-trained team will be able to establish good and mutually beneficial business relationships with you soon. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Trimco L1280 Door Holder. Pardon me, starting to yawn there on you. This is the first part of the door holder. Here’s the other part. Those two pieces join like that; pushing that through there is what’s going to give you the holder as these flanges seat here and here. Okay, it’s going to look like that when it’s all said and done. Before we go further, screws are included in a complementary finish. Looks like an oval head sheet metal screw for both the holder, the male part has oval head screws, the female part just has typical flathead screws for some reason. I would not think flathead would be the appropriate screw to go with that but that’s what they got. There’s a link below this video to the cut sheet and it shows everything important dimensionally about it. And the finish that you see here is of course the 626 Dull Chrome Finish. Available in several different architectural finishes. That cut sheet if you fire it up will show everything dimensionally about it like I said. Overall length 2-15/16″ on the male part, just less then 3″. Overall height is 5/8″. The holder portion is 2-1/8″ wide, closer to 2-1/4 it looks like. Total projection of 2″. Where I see these installed, how I see these installed is on the wall. Pardon me, let me start over. This on the door is where it starts, backing up to where we were. Normally where I see these is mounted on the door itself and then the female portion is mounted typically to a wall, is how I see that most commonly. These are very nice because they are effective, they work very well, they hold the door very securely open. Obviously they don’t require anything but a push and pull. The only downside to something like this would be they are loud, not that they are unnecessarily loud, but it just keep in mind you are making two pieces of metal click together so to speak. You will hear that meaning you would probably not want to install this in a bedroom of a home, that’s a bit loud. But where I’ve seen these installed is exterior doors, Chicago Public Schools, those buildings that were built in the 19 teens or 20′s. They are easy, marginally vandal resistant in the sense that you have to intend to break them to break them. They are really durable and very long lasting. Fasteners that you might need would be some wall anchors, lead expansion shields, whatever you are going to use. Maybe drilling or attaching to the door, maybe some through bolting is really a great idea because a lot of force will be exerted onto this piece of metal. They are pretty substantial; a single unit weighs about 1/3 pound so they are not insignificant in terms of their weight. Good quality material, steel base. I’m going to say it’s got a nickel finish or a zinc finish to it, some sort of exterior coating even though it’s not specifically mentioned that it is. Quality material through Trimco. Trimco is a full line manufacturer of all things trim and auxiliary hardware related, very noted for their ADA compliance sliding pocket door passage and privacy sense, they sell those all the time. Full line of door stops, push and pull hardware, kick plates, everything. If you have any questions on the Trimco L1280 Door Holder or any other Trimco products, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you

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