18 Years Factory offer Aluminum circle for lamp cover to Mali Importers

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We enjoy a very good reputation among our customers for our excellent product quality, competitive price and the best service for 18 Years Factory offer Aluminum circle for lamp cover to Mali Importers, We warmly welcome all perspective inquiries from home and abroad to cooperate with us, and look forward to your correspondence.

Aluminum circle for lamp cover

Aluminium circle for lighting

Alloy:1100, 1050,1060,1070

Diameter:100mm to 600mm

Dc OR CC quality

Good for deep drawing or spinning


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  • This is a Two Plate Hydrogen Generator made of Aluminum plates, about 1/4″ seperation. Only produces small amounts of gas.

    How to Use Aluminum Foil for Gardening
    00:00:25 Method 1 Protect Plants from Insects
    00:00:32 1 – Tear several sheets of aluminum foil
    00:00:50 2 – Rip the sheets into ½” to 1” long sheets
    00:01:08 3 – Mix foil strips with mulch
    00:01:40 4 – Add foil to mulch if the mulch has already been laid
    00:02:00 Method 2 Protect Trees from Rodents and Pests During the Winter
    00:02:09 1 – Measure the base of tree trunks you’d like to protect during the winter
    00:02:36 2 – Tear sheets of foil according to your measurements
    00:02:54 3 – Wrap the base of the tree trunk with the first sheet of foil
    00:03:11 4 – Work your way upward as high as you plan to wrap the tree and then add your next layer, starting with the base of the tree
    00:03:26 Method 3 Design a Sun Box for Plants
    00:03:34 1 – Obtain a small cardboard box to house plants
    00:03:51 2 – Cut one of the long sides from the box
    00:04:08 3 – Measure the sides and base of the box
    00:04:26 4 – Rip sheets of foil based on your measurements and wrap box
    00:04:43 5 – Place plants inside box and locate near a sunny window
    00:04:54 Method 4 Incubate Seedlings
    00:05:01 1 – Procure a shoebox to hold seedlings and soil
    00:05:19 2 – Measure the base and sides of the box, allowing for two extra inches
    00:05:39 3 – Cut aluminum foil to measurement sizes and line shoebox
    00:05:58 4 – Poke small drainage holes along the bottom of the shoebox
    00:06:13 5 – Fill the box halfway to the top with potting soil and add seeds
    00:06:32 6 – Place box near a sunny window and allow the light to reflect on the sun box
    00:06:49 7 – Finished
    00:06:57 Tips

    Content taken from WikiHow https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Aluminum-Foil-for-Gardening

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