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18 Years Factory offer Aluminum circle for lamp cover to Mali Importers

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Every member from our high efficiency sales team values customers' needs and business communication for 18 Years Factory offer Aluminum circle for lamp cover to Mali Importers, Welcome to build the well and long standing business relationships with our company to create a glorious future together .customers' satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

Aluminum circle for lamp cover

Aluminium circle for lighting

Alloy:1100, 1050,1060,1070

Diameter:100mm to 600mm

Dc OR CC quality

Good for deep drawing or spinning


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  • A prototype Duluc/Zamboni dry pile made using copier paper pasted to cooking Aluminium foil on one side and painted with Manganese Dioxide paste on the other. Gum Arabic was used as the binder for both the Aluminium and Manganese Dioxide treatments. The sheets were cut into 25 mm squares and 400 of them stacked up in a acrylic box held together with nylon screws. The output is via small squares of double side (shorted together) FR4 PCB material touching some M3 stainless steel hardware.

    This is How I Polish & Wax Rustoleum Paint to A Mirror like finish. This video is PART 2 of “how to paint mirror like finish”
    In this Video I show just how I take the oil based Rustoleum paint beyond wet sanding to a glossy finish.
    I start off using Turtle Wax brand polishing compound. I apply a medium amount on a spinning wheel and beginning from one end of the area I desire to polish and working to the other end I press the spinning wheel to the surface and apply a small amount of pressure on the paint & going slowly I pull the trigger & begin polishing. After a few seconds, I quickly back off & wipe the polishing residue from the paint, using a clean cotton rag, I then begin, to once again polish, this time at a higher rpm. I am very careful not to press too hard on the painted surface or stay in one spot for longer then 1 second. The ides is not to heat up the painted surface & allow the new paint to heat up, melt, burn or become damaged. If the paint becomes damaged then repaint.
    I polish from one end of my area to the other end doing a few square feet at a time adding fresh compound to the pad for each new section I start. I immediately wipe the residue off each time & then continue polishing. There is a learning curve and everybody has their own way to personalize their way of doing this. Do what works for you but this is simply how I do things. Im always trying new ways so I might change this process if I find a easier or better way to get the end results.
    I polish the area two or three times being careful not to remove too much paint then I replace the pad with a new one, add wax and simply wax the area. I let it stand on the finish for a while, wipe it off again with a new clean rag & repeat the process once more.
    Thats it!!! Its that simple. Just takes time and a bit off effort.
    The next video in this series I fail @ staining & exparament with india ink. More later!

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