17 Years manufacturer 3003 H24 bright finished aluminium tread plate to Hongkong Importers

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Our goal is to satisfy our customers by offering golden service, good price and high quality for 17 Years manufacturer 3003 H24 bright finished aluminium tread plate to Hongkong Importers, We have confident that we can provide the high quality products at resonable price, good after-sales service to the customers. And we will create a bright future.

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    Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates the amazing versatility of the humble rafter square.

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    Shopping List for How to Use a Speed Square:
    - PVC baluster, used to make Speed Square holder
    - 3/4-inch plywood strip, for reinforcing PVC baluster
    - Short screws and belt clip

    Tools List for How to Use a Speed Square:
    - Speed Square
    - Miter saw, to cut PVC baluster
    - Table saw or router, for slotting PVC baluster

    Steps for How to Use a Speed Square:
    1. A Speed Square, also called a rafter square or layout square, has a 90-degree marking edge and a 45-degree marking edge.[BR]
    2. The square can be used as a straightedge guide when crosscutting with a circular saw.[BR]
    3. A pivot point allows the square to be used as a protractor for marking angled lines.[BR]
    4. The square is ideally suited for laying stud locations for walls.[BR]
    5. Built into the square are several scribing notches, which provide a fast, easy way to mark layout lines or cutlines onto lumber.[BR]
    6. The perfect 90-degree corner of the Speed Square can be used to determine whether two boards form a precise right angle.[BR]
    7. To keep the square close at hand, hang it on your tool belt with a hook or get a specially designed Speed Square pouch.[BR]
    8. You can also custom-make your own Speed Square holder from a PVC baluster.[BR]
    9. Cut the baluster to length on a miter saw, then cut a stopped slot along one side with a table saw or router.[BR]
    10. Cut a [FRACTION 34]-inch-thick plywood strip to fit inside the PVC holder, and secure it with short screws.[BR]
    11. Attach a metal belt clip to the opposite side of the holder.[BR]
    12. Clip the holder onto your tool belt, then slide the Speed Square into the slot.

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