13 Years manufacturer 3003 H24 bright finished aluminium tread plate for Albania Factories

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It is a good way to improve our products and service. Our mission is to develop creative products to customers with a good experience for 13 Years manufacturer 3003 H24 bright finished aluminium tread plate for Albania Factories, We warmly welcome all interested customers to contact us for more information.

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  • This is my 2nd installation style of deicing-cables (heat tapes).
    I learned from my 1st installation style that the gutter was still filling with ice and not burning clear.
    I fixed the gutter ice overflow problem with a spiral of heat tape down the gutter, and then another single straight run in front of the gutter. I also used a better gutter guard (6″ Speed Screen Gutter guard from Gutterworks.com), this is 100% aluminum, and has a finer mesh size than the Home Depot version. This is a great gutter guard.

    The Home Depot gutter-guard tends to have water follow along the outside (via surface tension) and run down the outside of the gutter.

    The Speed-Screen gutter guard is better and has a lip that hooks to the front lip of the gutter. Any water that runs along the outside of the gutter-guard (via surface tension), drips INSIDE the gutter when it hits the aluminum edge strip (on the front of back of the gutter guard).

    This installation style proved to be VERY effective. It will keep the gutter CLEAR of ice, even if you forget to initially turn it on. The spiral run inside the gutter just meets the top of the gutter guard, so it provides heat to melt snow/ice sitting on top of the gutter guard.

    The spiral run will cut a channel through the ice from the top of the gutter to the bottom/front where the water has a channel cut through the ice along the front edge of the gutter to the downspout.

    So why all this effort…..?
    I found the installation method as described in the Easy Heat or Frost King deicing cable (heat tape) installation manual to be ineffective in heavy snow or cold temperatures. It simply wasn’t enough to keep the gutter clear of ice and ice-dams off the roof.

    In cooperation with Encore Wire Corporation, Reelpower Wire & Cable, a manufacturer of wire and cable handling equipment, has designed and produced for Encore an innovative copper reclamation system that dramatically improves the efficiency and safety of separating and removing aluminum and steel armor from finished MC and AC style cables.

    This cable scrapping and reclamation system automatically removes the aluminum sheathing from the inner conductors and chops it for recycling purposes. As the inner conductors are removed, they are chopped as well for external reuse or in-house recycling.

    The system accommodates products ranging in sizes of .250″ up to .750″ in overall diameter and processes at speeds up to 190 FPM.

    Operator safety is improved by minimizing the time and risks associated with manual stripping that are normally present in such scrapping operations. The new reclamation operation considerably reduces floor space as well.

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