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2024 Aluminum Plate

This plate is made of an aluminum-copper alloy, with high strength-to-weight ratio. 2024 Aluminum plate is used for truck and aircraft wheels, truck suspension parts, and is useful in aircraft fusilage components. 2024 alloy does have limited weldability, but 2024 is less corrosion resistant than other alloys.

2024 alloy plate has good fatigue resisitance and is specified for many structural applications for aerospace, including fusilage structural components, wing tension structure, and shear ribs and webs.


  • Fuselage structurals
  • Wing tension members
  • Shear webs and ribs
  • Precision fittings
  • Truck wheels and parts for transportation
Chemical Composition Limits (WT %)
Silicon 0.5
Iron 0.5
Copper 3.8-4.9
Manganese 030.-0.9
Magnesium 1.2-1.8
Chromium 0.1
Zinc 0.25
Titanium 0.15
Others, each 0.05
Others, total 0.15
Balance, Aluminum  
Typical Mechanical Properties
Thickness Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
.250 – 4.00 64-57 42-41 12-4
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