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Our company since its inception, always regards product quality as enterprise life, continuously improve production technology, improve product quality and continuously strengthen enterprise total quality management, in strict accordance with the national standard ISO 9001:2000 for Wholesale price stable quality Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet to Brisbane Manufacturer, "Create Values,Serving Customer!" is the aim we pursue. We sincerely hope that all customers will establish long term and mutually beneficial cooperation with us.If you wish to get more details about our company, Please contact with us now

The mirror aluminum processing, screen printing, coating color processes a variety of patterns, and the patterns on the surface with aluminum mirror effect is brilliance,and the effect is very good.
By a special surface treatment technology, various pigments, paints, etc.  specular aluminum can be easily colored, colors and strong performance.

Product Characteristic:
♦ Surface smoothness and easy cleaning
♦ Flexible suspension system makes each ceiling tile easily installed and disconnected
♦ Easy to match lamps or other ceiling parts
♦ Surface color can be stable for 10 years by indoor use
♦ Durable and washable
♦ Inflammable and fire resistant,waterproof,moisture proof, Sound and heat insulated,corrusion resistant,easy maintenance
♦ Light weight and excellent decorative suspension system

Aluminum mirror Ceiling Application:
Shopping malls,supermarkets,outdoor facilities,gas stations,toll stations,subway,railway stations,airports,bus stations,schools,offices,meeting room,building lobbies,corridors,toilets,sport venues.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet based in China, we also offer aluminium slit coil, diamond aluminum tread plate,  coated aluminum coil, etc.  Whenever you have a need for any of our products, please feel free to contact us .

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  • http://www.thesignchef.com/custom-signs/dibond-signs/
    Dibond Signs – Metal Signs

    How thick should your new dibond sign really be?
    Let’s face it … nobody wants their new sign to look flimsy and unprofessional. But knowing which thickness to choose isn’t exactly common knowledge, either. So, in this video, you are going to discover Dibond’s two main levels of strength and rigidity. Once you see these levels illustrated you’ll know exactly how to select the most appropriate thickness of Dibond for your new sign.

    Here at TheSignChef.com we have medium strength and high strength Dibond. Because Dibond has a solid plastic core, surrounded by two thin pieces of aluminum, it has additional panel strength and rigidity, making both levels extremely strong. Our medium strength level dibond is 1/8 of an inch in thickness and is strong yet lightweight with minimal flexibility. This thinner dibond works quite well for signs like this standard 18 inch by 24 inch dibond real estate sign. As well as the larger 18 inch by 30 inch and 2 foot by 2 foot sizes. For signs starting in the 2 foot by 3 foot range and larger the high strength Dibond is typically preferred. Our high strength Dibond is ¼ of an inch in thickness and continues to be one of the best sign materials available. The ¼ inch thick Dibond sign panels are highly rigid and sturdy making it the most common thickness used for most outdoor business signs, directional signs and parking signs because the material is so durable. In addition both medium and high level strength Dibond signs work quite well for hanging signs and wall mounted signs
    Of course our high strength thickness Dibond is not reserved for big signs only. For example, this is an exact replica of a large order we recently produced for one of our clients using the 1/4 inch Dibond they wanted. So when you need a sign material that’s solid, Dibond is definitely one option to consider. In fact you can instantly compare all your options using our online pricing calculator. In addition to comparing prices between different thicknesses you also have the option to take your sign to a whole new level with a distinctive custom shape. So in the next video we’ll show you how you can get your new aluminum sign customized with absolutely any shape you want. As always, if you ever have any questions, we’re only a phone call away! We are available to provide all the personal assistance you need. I’m Beth, thanks for watching!

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