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We are proud of the high customer satisfaction and wide acceptance due to our persistent pursuit of high quality both on product and service for Wholesale Price 1100 Aluminum Sheet Supply to California, Adhering to the business principle of mutual benefits, we have won good reputation among our customers because of our perfect services, quality products and competitive prices. We warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to cooperate with us for common success.

1100 Aluminum Sheet


♦ alloy:1100
♦ temper:O~H112
♦ width:500mm-2200mm
♦ Length:according to your requirements

1000 Aluminum Sheet Features
♦ This series aluminum sheet, also called pure aluminum sheet, has the highest aluminum content among all the series produced by Mintai. Its aluminum content can be more than 99.00%.
1000 Series: 1050 1060 1070 1100 1200 1235 etc.

♦ As no other techniques are involved in the production, the production procedure is single and the price is cheap. It is a commonly used aluminum sheet in conventional industries.

♦ The last two numbers in the serial number are used to determine the lowest aluminum content of this series. For example, in the 1050 series, the last two numbers are 50 and according to the corresponding international standard, the aluminum content has to reach 99.5% or more. In GB/T3880-2006, the technical standard of aluminum alloy in China, 1050 series also means the aluminum content has to reach 99.5%. Similarly, the aluminum content of 1060 series aluminum sheet has to reach 99.6% or more.

1000 Aluminun sheet

This series aluminum sheet provided includes 1100, 1050, 1070 series, etc. The 1050, 1060 and 1070 series are representative series.

Type Alloy Temper Thickness Width Application
sheet 1050 O, H12, H14, H16, H18 0.3-0.5mm
Conducors,hoses,,marine accessories.
1060 Chemical and marine equipment
1070 Capacitor ventliation system compents
1100 Reflective devices,pipe,storage,Etc.
Other Products Aluminum plate 3xxx,5xxx,6xxx, Diverse temper
Aluminum tape 1xxx,3xxx,5xxx,6xxx,
Aluminum coils 1xxx,3xxx,5xxx,6xxx,
Aluminum foil 8011 O

1100 Aluminum Sheet Low strength aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and satisfactory anodizing and conversion coating finishing characteristics. It is unmatched by any other commercial aluminum alloy in workability. Readily to welding, brazing, and soldering. Machinability is poor and tends to be “gummy”. Non-heat treatable.

As a China-based 1100 aluminum sheet manufacturer and supplier, we  also produce coated aluminum coil, aluminum plate, aluminium slit coil, aluminum strip, anodising aluminum sheet, embossed aluminum sheet, etc. For more detailed information, please continue browsing our website or feel free to contact us directly.

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