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Our goal is to satisfy our customers by offering golden service, good price and high quality for Professional Manufacturer for stainless steel dics/circle to Bulgaria Factory, Welcome to visit us at any time for business relationship established.

stainless steel dics/circle

Stainless steel circle/dics 410 430 304 316 310


1.Products details




1. material:202,304, 410.409,430 201,316 ect




2. Finish: 2B, 2D, No.4, BA, 8K, HL and so on




3. Thickness: 0.15mm to 2.0mm

202 stainless steel discs and 304 stainless steel discs are our professional discs




4. Diameter:max 1000mm


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    LIMAC cnc pre-insulated HVAC duct work (PIR duct, or Polyisocyanurate closed-cell foam, with embossed aluminum foil facing on both sides) and phenolic duct panel cutting machine for cutting straight parts and special parts from insulation panels, for example: elbows, Y shapes, offsets, reducers.

    This machine is specially designed to revolutionize pre-insulated air ducting making for the HVAC ducting (heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry).

    The machine is also suitable to cut Kingspan Koolduct panels and phenolic foam ducting.

    LIMAC also makes cnc plasma cutting machines for making Sheet Metal Ducting, GI duct (Rectangular & Round/spiral).
    LIMAC China

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