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To create more value for customers is our business philosophy; customer growing is our working chase for OEM/ODM Manufacturer aluminum wire to Argentina Importers, We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!

Aluminum wire

1.Surface:mill finished, anodized



4.Length:cutting according to customer’s request

5.Mould:made according to customer’s drawings or sample


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  • Q: Why haven’t you made new videos since 2013?
    A: My local RC track facility was forced to move a long ways away. Meanwhile, nearly every open space in my heavily populated area is explicitly, legally off-limits to RCs and regularly patrolled by rangers and/or police and I’ve been kicked out too many times. I have absolutely NO good place to legally drive & film within a reasonable distance and there is nothing I can do to change this.

    Q: Have you created a new RC channel?
    A: No. Beware of shameless lying impostors :) If you don’t see something posted by a verified account of mine on UltimateRC.com itself, assume it’s false, including “screenshots” as they are easier than anything to fake.

    Q: Will you come back to RC?
    A: Most likely no.

    Q: Why did you disable comments on existing videos on this channel?
    A: You know, *most* RC hobbyists are cool folks. YouTube though, harbors an extraordinarily large population of the most vitriolic, extremist brand loyalists & haters who make it their life’s purpose for weeks at a time to develop and then spread the most ridiculous fabricated stories to try to tear down a guy who happened upon a little success & popularity as a result of working hard & sharing something he loves to do. I don’t have time for that mess; I choose focus on the good stuff in life!

    Please find this product at http://absupply.net/
    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Pemko 2746X6A threshold. This is a custom sort of manufactured item from Pemko. The part number with the X tells us that there is something unusual or fabricated or less common. This threshold in particular is basically two 6″ half saddle thresholds that have been welded together. It is really nice that Pemko has the ability to manufacture things because quite frankly a lot of installation requirements are outside of the norm of what is commercially available. Pemko is a comprehensive provider of customized material and quite frankly, I’ve not asked them to do something that they couldn’t do. So 2746X6A means that it is a 12′ wide threshold, a 6″ piece and a 6″ piece that is 1/4″ tall in the A finish or mill aluminum finish. You can also get it in the dark bronze anodized and the gold anodized as well. There is an image below this video showing everything important dimensionally about it. Lets go over that now. 12″. This happens to be a 24″; the client had a special application requiring it. A 1/4″ rise. Available in several different lengths on the website. If you have need for a custom length, by all means let us know by ordering the next longest piece or pieces and simply indicate in the comment field what length you would like for us to cut the material back to. The reasoning is if you had to take, not that you would, but if you had to take a standard length, say 3′ and cut it down to 32″; you would eliminate that first stack of screw holes here and here. The next ones are typically in the middle. If it is 3′ or less, but if you order a custom length, we will not only locate that countersink at the proper distance from the edge, but the proper center to center as well. You can also order it without screw holes all together. You can indicate with or without the screws but the screws are going to be included with this naturally. Typical #10 x 1-1/2″ wood screws. Now where you are going to see a threshold like this is where quite frankly you have a situation that requires a very wide threshold that is 1/4″ rise which would tell me that you might have a hollow metal door frame, installed in a very thick deep wall, 12″, 18″, sort of wall thickness. But it needs to be either handicapped compliant or it might have a hand cart traffic coming over it, it might be a delivery door. Or you could very likely have that same scenario in a condo building where you have the dumpsters downstairs and there needs to be a threshold there, it might be an exterior door that sort of situation. So, regardless of where the application might be that you would use this, if 12″ and 1/4″ rise helps solve the problem, nothing disqualifies it from your use naturally. It would be in an application or something similar to that. Maybe handcart traffic or I’ve had clients and what they have done is they might have an application where you’ve got an 8-3/4″ jamb depth type frame and what the client wants is the threshold to actually run the entire width of the outside of the frame. So what they will do is take a 12″ frame like this and then cut the profile of the 8-3/4″ frame right into the end of the threshold at both ends and take that and slide it down and in. It allows them the ability to help the resistance of corrosion at the outside corners where your frame would otherwise sit into. Not real common, but people who start doing it, end up doing it all the time because they like the finished look of it is the bottom line. Pemko is a comprehensive manufacturer of all things commercial weather-stripping related. Not only the unusual thresholds like this, but standard thresholds, perimeter gasketing, door sweeps, material made of aluminum like this, stainless steel, architectural bronze, and a comprehensive offering of residential weather stripping as well. If you have any questions on the Pemko 2746X6A, 12″ x 1/4″ threshold or any other Pemko product, please feel free to reach out to us.

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