OEM/ODM Manufacturer 1000 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate for Bangalore Manufacturer

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Our company has been focusing on brand strategy. Customers' satisfaction is our best advertising. We also supply OEM service for OEM/ODM Manufacturer 1000 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate for Bangalore Manufacturer, We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants who calls, letters asking, or to plants to negotiate, we will offer you quality products and the most enthusiastic service,We look forward to your visit and your cooperation.

The major series of this series aluminum tread plate provided by Jinding  includes 1050, 1060 and 1070 series.

♦ Pattern:diamond,1bar,3 bars,5bars.
♦ Temper of Aluminium stucco embossed sheet: H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H36, H38, O etc.
♦ Alloy of Aluminium stucco embossed sheet: 1050 1060 1070 1100 1200 1235 etc.
♦ Sheet Specification of Aluminium stucco embossed sheet: Thickness: 0.10mm–10mm, Width of Aluminium tread plate: Less than 2400mm, according to clients’ specifications
♦ Packing of Aluminium stucco embossed sheet: Export standard, wooden pallet in horizen or vertical
♦ Application of Aluminium stucco embossed sheet: Lighting, printing, packing, decorative, electronics surface, hot rolled thick plate, PS base plate, aluminum plastic base plate, aluminum curtain wall base plate, aluminum composite panel base plate, aluminum spacer, aluminum embossed sheet, aluminum tread plate
♦ 10)Remarks of panel base plate: Specific requirement of alloy, temper or specification can be discussed at your request.
♦ This aluminum tread plate, also called pure aluminum tread plate, has the highest aluminum content among all the series produced by Mintai. Its aluminum content can be more than 99.00%.
♦ As no other techniques are involved in the production, the production procedure is single and the price is cheap. It is a commonly used aluminum tread plate in conventional industries.
♦ The last two numbers in the serial number are used to determine the lowest aluminum content of this series. For example, in the 1050 series, the last two numbers are 50 and according to the corresponding international standard, the aluminum content has to reach 99.5% or more. In GB/T3880-2006, the technical standard of aluminum alloy in China, 1050 series also means the aluminum content has to reach 99.5%. Similarly, the aluminum content of 1060 series aluminum sheet has to reach 99.6% or more.

Application of Aluminium Tread Plate:
Lighting, printing, packing, decorative, electronics surface, hot rolled thick plate, PS base plate, aluminum plastic base plate, aluminum curtain wall base plate, aluminum composite panel base plate, aluminum spacer, aluminum embossed sheet, aluminum tread plate
Remarks of panel base plate: Specific requirement of alloy, temper or specification can be discussed at your request.

Jinding is a professional 1000 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate manufacturer and supplier based in China. In order to meet customers’ various requirements, we also provide aluminium slit coil, aluminum strip, anodising aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, coated aluminum coil, aluminum plate, etc. If you have any related need, please contact us via any of the methods listed on the website.

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    This video is to bring you a closer look at the National Guard Products 425E. This is a mill finished aluminum mill saddle type threshold. It is a very nice and very common threshold. This is a go to threshold because of its dimensional properties and what you can get it to do. First of all, dimensional properties are 5″. The overall height is going to be 1/2″. Now, 5″ is very compatible with aluminum store front jamb depths that are about 5″, hollow metal frames are about 5-3/4″ or things in that range. Of course, the 425 refers to its size. The five means 5″ wide. 424 would mean 4″ wide, 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″ and when you get to the 429 and you want to get a 10″, make it a 430. So from 4″ to 10″, you can do a saddle threshold from National Guard at a 1/2″ tall. .109″ wall thickness and that is certainly generous in terms of its wall thickness. They mention that there because it could be thinner and you would notice that there are thinner walled thresholds. Compatible like I said with many standard dimensions. 1/2″ is very common and ADA compliant. It used to be just 1/4″ and now 1/2″ is compatible. Now the typical undercut that you are going to see on a hollow metal door is 3/4″ so this is perfect. Aluminum storefront doors are going to be commiserate and sometimes a 1/4″ is a more appropriate threshold in those instances but 1/2″ there you go. The other thing that I love about this is that you can see the profile here and here. If you were to update the part number 425E-V, you would get an option. When you look at the link below this video to the document called product brochure in the lower right hand corner, vinyl foot seal. They are going to insert some vinyl into each of these braces so when you sit this down, you are really doing a great job to help keep the water out. Caulking certainly works, but vinyl foot seals is cleaner, faster, and hardly more expensive, and certainly less expensive than to pay someone for the time and material to caulk thresholds in my opinion. This is going to be available in the DKB finish as well which is dark bronze anodized. You can get these in bead blasted which is just like what it sounds like sand blasting for a texture. You can get a slip resistant coating applied to this as well. So even though the grooves really are significant in terms of helping prevent slipping, you can take it a step further and bead blast it, or polish this as well in addition to the dark bronze, and then of course the SIA, the slip resistant finish or surface that they can put onto of this surface. Now the description below this video shows all of the important details of the item. Saddle type threshold because if you use your imagination it looks like a saddle. Mill finish aluminum, 5″ x 1/2″. The length is in the site from 2; to 8′ in length. It doesn’t mean that you are going to need any of those sizes. If you have need for a custom length, by all means let us know by ordering the next longest piece or pieces and simply indicate in the comment field what net length you would like for us to cut the material back to. Now, the reasoning is this. If this was the genuine article and was a 4′ threshold, you would have a countersink right about here from the edge. If you had to take that 4′ threshold and cut it down to say 42″, you would certainly eliminate that first countersink. Speaking of countersinks, you will get screws that are about a #10 x 1-1/2″ flathead wood screw with a Phillips drive. So if you had to cut the threshold down, you would be stuck cutting it which isn’t a big deal because it is aluminum, but you may not be able or equipped to do it. Then you are going to have to re-drill another hole and what really gets people sometimes is creating that countersink for a #10 screw. You want the countersink there regardless of how it gets there because a flathead screw is going to fit into that countersunk area. The threshold of course gets a lot of lateral force and that does nothing other than weaken the screw. I’ve seen countless threshold installations where someone has just drilled a hole and run the flathead screw into it. That is the guaranteed fail because generally that person has used a plastic anchor to install it and there is really nothing out of hand or wrong with a plastic anchor, but if it were me I would be doing it in a more secure way. Thank you.

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