New Delivery for 2000 Series aluminum plate to Johor Manufacturers

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Our pursuit and company goal is to "Always satisfy our customer requirements". We continue to develop and design superior quality products for both our old and new customers and achieve a win-win prospect for our clients as well as us for New Delivery for 2000 Series aluminum plate to Johor Manufacturers, We are sincerely looking forward to establishing good cooperative relationships with customers from at home and abroad for creating a bright future together.

  Copper is the main alloying ingredient in 2000 aluminum plate. It is very strong compared to most aluminum alloys, and has average machinability, but the copper component makes it susceptible to corrosion.
  Alloy 2000 plate products are used in airbus, aiviation, military, fuselage structurals, wing tension members, shear webs and ribs and structural areas where stiffness, fatigue performance and good strength are required.In 2 series, except for we can produce 2024, we can provide other alloy,2001、2002、2003、2004、2005、2006、2007、2008、2011、2014、2017、2018、2021、2024、2A10、2A11、2A12、2A14、2A16、2025、2030、2031、2034、2036、2037、2038、2048、2091、2117、2124、2218、2219、2224、2319、2324、2419、2519、2618,etc.

4.High quality,competitive price and best service
Alloy 2024 plate products are used in airbus, aiviation, military, fuselage structurals, wing tension members, shear webs and ribs and structural areas where stiffness, fatigue performance and good strength are required.

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  As a professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminium plate based in China, we also provide aluminium strip, aluminium slit coil, anodising aluminum sheet,aluminium sheet,and more.Our products have exported to Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Chile, Fiji, Mexico, Germany, UK, Italy, Czech, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa etc more than 50 countries. Whenever you have a need for any of our products, please feel free to contact us .

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  • The Zone 6.5″ Lift Kit:

    are more affordable than competitive Lift Kits, and are available with Hydraulic or nitrogen-charged shocks. Complete kits for both front & rear.
    Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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    Video Transcription:
    Hey, guys. Does your truck seem like it’s missing something? Well, we’ve got what it’s missing. We’re gonna show you how to get in the zone and get your truck lifted with Zone Lift Kits. As you can see here, our Zone 6.5-inch front and rear lift kit comes with everything you need to get your truck up into that lifted zone.
    So what you want to do when you get your kit, lay out everything. Then inside your instruction sheet, there’s a parts list. I’d recommend that you go through and check off all the parts on the parts list. Make sure you have everything before you start on the project, because everybody knows it’s a really bad thing to get halfway done with a lift kit and be missing something important. So very important to do that. Make sure everything is here.
    The next step is to get this truck up in the air and start putting on this kit. So let’s get the wheels off so we can get to the real heart of the lift kit. The next thing we’re gonna do after we get the wheels off is we’re gonna disconnect our brake line bracket from the differential right here. We got that loose. Just unclip our ABS line from our frame rail. Do our emergency brake bracket on the driver’s side. We’re also gonna remove this one up here.
    Take our shocks off. Hang onto the bolts because we’ll need those to put the new shocks on. There’s also one more up at the top we have to take loose. Unfortunately that one doesn’t have a knot on the backside. It’s built right onto the bracket. We don’t have to worry about trying to hang onto that.
    Once our shocks are off, then we’re gonna pull our U-bolts off. When you get to this point, it’s very important that if you’re doing this up in the air, you have some kind of a jack like we have up underneath the differential here. We’ll take these off because the only thing that we’re gonna be reusing here is this bottom plate that goes up under here. The U-bolts and the nuts, you can do whatever you want with. Throw them away. Throw them in a box. Keep them, whatever you want to do.
    All right, guys. Once we have the U-bolt off, what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna slowly let this down, so that we can remove that factory block from out of there and be able to put our new block in.

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