Low MOQ for Embossed Aluminum Sheet Embossed Aluminum Coil Export to Philippines

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Our team through professional training. Skilled professional knowledge, strong sense of service, to meet the service needs of customers for Low MOQ for Embossed Aluminum Sheet Embossed Aluminum Coil Export to Philippines, We welcome customers, business associations and friends from all parts of the world to contact us and seek cooperation for mutual benefits.

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  • The fly cutter is a very useful accessory for machining large surfaces in the milling machine. This video covers how to use the fly cutter and how to properly grind a cutting tool for it.

    We show you how to galvanize metal objects to protect them rust.

    First we get 30g of zinc sulfate and dissolve it into 100mL of water.

    Zinc sulfate was made back in our video on making a copper sulfate and
    zinc battery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id3tL2iI0Vw

    Then connect the item you want to galvanize to the negative terminal of a 5 volt power supply. Connect the positive terminal to a strip of zinc metal.

    Zinc metal was obtained from our video on getting useful materials from batteries: http://www.youtube.com/watch#%21v=knc1lSupAwQ

    Immerse both electrodes into the zinc sulfate solution and keep them from touching. Then turn on the current and run it for about one minute to give the metal a zinc coating.

    Remove the object and now it’s galvanized.

    To test the rust protection, place it on top of a paper towel soaked in saltwater. You should also place an unprotected item next to it for a good comparison. Cover the towel to prevent evaporation and wait a day or two.

    The treated object should remain rust-free, perhaps developing a white crusty coating. The untreated object should start to rust.

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