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We can always satisfy our respected customers with our good quality, good price and good service due to we are more professional and more hard-working and do it in cost-effective way for High Quality Industrial Factory 3003 H24 bright finished aluminium tread plate to Curacao Manufacturers, Our final goal is "To try the best, To be the Best". Please feel free to contact with us if you have any requirements.

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  • Aluminum Wire Connection Fire Nearly Kills Calgary Couple.

    Stop aluminum wire fire hazards in your Calgary home with the top Electrical Contractors specializing in permanent aluminum wiring repair (587) 317-1737.

    Is aluminum wiring bad?

    You say you’ve never heard of fires occurring caused by aluminum wiring? Check out this true story.

    On the evening of Monday, May 18th 2014, after a long weekend road trip Mitch and Lorrie arrived home from, they were preparing for bed when they were horrified to discover they had a ‘campfire’ smell in their hallway.

    This video is an interview with them first at a seminar I conducted in their neighbourhood and, then at their home in Parkland in Southeast Calgary – the scene of their near tragedy.

    You can hear tell their story in their own words here.

    Many people seem to be unafraid of the dangers aluminum wiring connections can pose to them and their family because they’ve never heard of any houses burning down because of it.

    There is nothing wrong with the aluminum itself as an electrical conductor. As a matter of fact, utility companies used aluminum wire for power transmission in electrical grids starting in the early 1900s without a hitch. It is still the preferred material for these applications today.

    Treated the same as copper in its connections to devices in the home such as switches, receptacles (outlets), lights, fans and other wires, the natural properties of aluminum revealed its true nature and reared its ugly head in the form of arcing.

    This arcing – or sparking – results in gaps in connections with electrical devices caused by aluminum stretching and retracting taster and further than copper when heated and cooled. The electrical current must leap through the air to complete the circuit when power is drawn through it. Depending on the deterioration of the connection, this arcing can cause more heat than a circuit or any of its connected devices are designed to handle.

    If the heat gets extreme, fires can result – with deadly consequences.

    Mitch and Lorrie were informed by a fireman on the scene – that they had a brush with death.

    Because fires in attics are usually detected too late, according the fireman, if Mitch and Lorrie had gone to bed 30 minutes earlier, they may well not be here to tell the tale.

    Certainly this is a cautionary tale to which homeowners of houses with aluminum-wired circuitry should pay attention.

    Another great lesson to be learned is not to trust any electrical contractor who relies solely on government approvals and recommendations for the permanent repair of aluminum wire connections.

    Why? Because one the top Scientist/Engineers who was contracted by the US government to study the problem for decades, Dr Jesse Aronstein, says the approvals on these wire-nuts are a result of faulty and questionable data.

    The following areas are directly affected and will have homes with aluminum wiring in their electrical branch circuitry.

    Northwest Calgary:

    North Haven
    Silver Springs
    University Heights
    Cambrian Heights

    Southwest Calgary:

    Pump Hill

    Northeast Calgary:

    Huntington Hills

    Southeast Calgary:

    Canyon Meadows
    Lake Bonavista
    Maple Ridge
    Penbrooke Meadows
    Red Carpet
    Willow Park

    Of course, the best approach to this potentially fatal problem is to have an electrical contractor, specializing in aluminum wiring, audit your Calgary home. They will tell you if you have aluminum wiring and can give you the best price to repair the problem permanently.

    Here the phone number of one of the few electrical contractors I personally approved and trust :
    (587) 317-1737

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    In this review, I will take a closer look at the machined aluminum oil filler cap for the KLR650 from Eagle Manufacturing (Eagle Mike).

    Link: http://eaglemike.com/Oil-Filler-Cap-natural-or-black-hard-anodize-ofc.htm

    The Information provided in this video IS NOT professional advice. It is simply a demonstration of how I performed this task and is for informational purposes only.
    If you are not comfortable performing this mechanical work, seek professional assistance.
    Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when performing maintenance or installing parts and equipment.

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