High Performance Aluminium circle for road sign Supply to Thailand

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With advanced technologies and facilities, strict quality control, reasonable price, superior service and close co-operation with customers, we are devoted to providing the best value for our customers for High Performance Aluminium circle for road sign Supply to Thailand, It is our great honor to meet your demands.We sincerely hope we can cooperate with you in the near future.

 Aluminum circle for road signs

Alloy: A1100,A1050,A1070,A1060,A3003


Thickness:0.4mm to 6mm

Diameter:100mm to 1500mm

Materials:CC and DC quality

Hangzhou Jinding Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Shuanglin Jiate Metal Technology Co., Ltd  are famous

aluminum circle,aluminium discs factory in China, we have DC and CC produing line  ,our aluminium circles have

good quality for road signs


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    Georgetown, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Prai, Perai, Seberang Perai,

    Alor Setar, Sungai Petani, Kulim, Kuala Kedah, Kuah, Bukit Kayu Hitam,

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    If you’re looking for Ranked No.1 Laser Engraving Works in Dubai – UAE, then you are in the right place!
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    The laser creates a beam of light that is used to cut through the material, so there is no part of the laser system in contact with the material.

    For thinner materials, all laser systems include an Integrated Vacuum Table to hold down papers, fabrics, and thin plastics as you cut through the material.

    It is amazingly precise, following the pattern you’ve drawn on screen.

    Cut several patterns from the same piece of material. You can print to the laser from a variety of programs, including CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and Adobe software

    Laser cutting is the process of precisely cutting or engraving a material using focused high-powered laser beam, directed by CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine from a CAD vector file.

    How does it work?

    There are two main types of lasers used in cutting, CO2 lasers and neodymium (Nd) and neodymium yttrium-aluminium-garnet (Nd-YAG). We use only CO2 lasers, so for ease of this introduction I will focus on them.

    The laser beam is emitted from a laser tube when a current is passed through it, this reflects off mirrors to point the beam through a focal lens in the machine head. The lens focuses the beam onto a point on the surface of a flat sheet material, melting, vaporising, burning the material at that point and moving along the cutting line as dictated in the vector file that the machine has been provided with. This melting and vaporisation of the material, especially with plastics leaves a melted, almost polished edge, requiring little to no finishing, depending on the finished purpose.

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