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All we do is always associated with our tenet " Customer first, Trust first, devoting on the food packaging and environmental protection for Factory wholesale Cable Aluminum Foil for Manchester Factory, For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. All inquiries from you will be highly appreciated.

Technical Specifications of Cable Aluminum Foil:
♦ Thickness: 0.009-0.03mm
♦ Width: 250-1280mm
♦ Material (alloy): 8011
♦ Aluminum is lighter in weight and more cost effective than copper.
♦ Thicker film substrates provide higher dielectric and tensile strength.
♦ Thicker foil substrates provide higher conductivity and tensile strength, and lower signal attenuation.
Tips: product width size is divided according to customers’ needs.

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) I.D.(mm) O.D.(mm) Thickness Tolerance(%) Length Lightness
1050 O 0.01-0.3 300 76 500 ≤5 COIL ≤60
1060 O 0.01-0.3 300 76 500 ≤5 COIL ≤60
8011 O 0.01-0.3 300 76 500 ≤5 COIL ≤60

Cable Aluminum Foil Application:
Mainly used in construction ,decoration ,packing ,printing, cover material ,piping, electronic, elements, refrigeration, air condition, automobile ,etc.
We possess advanced composite machine and cutting machine, we can cut aluminum foil mylar to the width of 5mm to 1.5m. The main composite materials are PE, PET, BOPP etc.

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