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  • Dr. Helen Caldicott’s statements on nuclear power are contrasted with a vision of abundant energy, exploration, and realized human potential.

    Music by KiloWatts: http://kilowattsmusic.com

    The world’s most prolific anti-nuclear activist, Dr. Helen Caldicott has been featured many times by mainstream media and has testified before government panels on the subject of radiation. However, she has made many false statements. Repeatedly.

    Music created by KiloWatts: https://soundcloud.com/kilowatts

    Edited by Gordon McDowell: https://www.patreon.com/thorium

    Features video clips from Pandora’s Promise: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/pandoras-promise/id675188533

    Useful timecodes:
    0:03:50 AP1000 (introduced)
    0:04:10 Dr. Helen Caldicott (introduced)
    0:07:39 Caldicott does not want China to modernize.
    0:09:08 China’s uses energy to create goods we buy.
    0:10:52 Unleash human potential.
    0:14:37 Energy for efficient resource mining (copper).
    0:15:18 Energy for efficient resource recycling (steel).
    0:17:37 Tyson on golden era NASA exploration.
    0:20:08 Caldicott for candlelight. Candles for light.
    0:20:34 Dr. James Hansen on energy & safety.
    0:21:43 Caldicott cites Hansen. Hansen disagrees.
    0:23:10 Tyson: Advancing a field attracts smart.
    0:24:07 GM EV1 – Revolution needed.
    0:25:50 Start Nuclear 101. Atoms. Fission.
    0:29:34 Radiation. Geothermal.
    0:34:50 Isotopes.
    0:38:21 Chain reaction.
    0:40:52 Uranium – Finite or renewable?
    0:43:26 Nuclear waste. Fission products. Recycle.
    0:50:03 Caldicott – We are not God.
    0:51:43 Caldicott fearmonger spent fuel.
    0:53:14 Ben Heard – Cask storage. Recycle fuel.
    0:55:44 Coal ash. A legitimate waste concern.
    0:58:40 Deliberately constraining energy supply.
    1:05:22 Recognize limitations of solar & wind.
    1:07:05 Germany burning biomass.
    1:09:00 Nuclear replaced by combustion.
    1:13:03 Caldicott’s Global Preventive Medicine.
    1:14:01 George Monbiot debates Caldicott.
    1:15:07 Caldicott against energy use, lifestyle.
    1:17:05 Caldicott’s candles vs Penn and Teller.
    1:20:22 Accustomed to uncompetitive nuclear.
    1:21:08 Caldicott cites Russian Study.
    1:21:47 Monbiot calls out Caldicott untruths.
    1:23:26 Caldicott on nuclear = testosterone.
    1:24:45 Caldicott on nuclear causing cancer.
    1:31:31 Robert Stone – Facts unpersuasive.
    1:33:26 President Kennedy to Moon. Lesson.
    1:39:47 Aspiration vision/message needed.
    1:42:03 Energy ideas the media notices.
    1:45:17 Turning seawater into liquid fuels.
    1:49:07 Energy as a byproduct. Trek future.
    1:52:01 Energy is peace.
    1:53:28 Energy to explore. Nuclear required.
    2:01:26 Earth Panel. Challenges of solar.
    2:03:14 Titan mission. 10 years vs 1 hour.
    2:05:31 Nuclear beyond solar system.
    2:08:10 Comet probe lands in shadow.
    2:10:05 Elon Musk vs launch constraint.
    2:13:31 Martian photosynthesis food.
    2:15:36 Elon Musk. Mars solar & nuclear.
    2:16:05 Europa. Tyson. James Cameron.
    2:18:55 Back on Earth.
    2:20:16 Clean energy cheap. Not sci-fi.
    2:21:30 Shellenberger. Save nature.
    2:32:25 People changing their minds.
    2:33:28 Nuclear Industry.
    2:36:21 Industry communications.
    2:38:20 PWR status quo.
    2:39:29 Advanced Reactors. Thorium.
    2:41:08 People changing their minds.
    2:43:12 Call to action for engineers.

    This video is a byproduct of THORIUM REMIX 2016: http://thoriumremix.com/

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