factory Outlets for Aluminium Coil 3004/3104 For Can Body to Saudi Arabia Importers

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To create more value for customers is our business philosophy; customer growing is our working chase for factory Outlets for Aluminium Coil 3004/3104 For Can Body to Saudi Arabia Importers, We sincerely welcome overseas customers to consult for the long-term cooperation and the mutual development.









3004/3104 H19 H14 0.20~0.35 200~1660 200,300,350,405,505,605 GB/T3190GB/T3199GB/T228


Application:widely used in body of  ring-pull can,bottle cap,color aluminum sheet,building materials,roof board,aluminum pot,radiator,cosmetic packing,materials for ships etc.



Professional manufacturer of kinds of high-quality aluminium sheet/coil/foil.

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  • HandsOn™ System Step 2: Set Standards

    Setting quality and frequency standards for handwashing goes a long way in changing behaviors and sustaining the improvements. Let’s look closer at the soap and water wash we designate as our core handwash. It is similar to that recommended in the FDA code. Our standard is to keep fingernails short. Artificial nails are not allowed, nor are poorly painted nails.

    Wet hands as a pre-rinse, take soap and scrub vigorously for 15 seconds: palm to palm, front to back, claw to paw, the interlock, the wrists, and finally, the thumbs. Rinse thoroughly, paper towel dry. Should you want even more cleaning, raise the scrub time or use a nail brush. To measure this standard, we use the Pro Grade System. A tracing lotion simulating germs is applied and then removed. With the help of UV light, we score it. Now that we have a good hand wash, how frequently should we wash? Here is another scorecard to help set this standard. Most casual dining operators find two to three handwashes per employee hour as a safe level. Most monitoring of handwashing frequency is limited to observation but technology assisted methods are available to gain better control of the hand washing process.

    Many temporary venus like this do not have running water. Here is a convenient solution. Dubbed SaniTwice, this is simply en effective two step protocol for washing hands in water scarce situations. It is a friction-aided clean step coupled with a kill step. Apply a double dose of sanitizer, scrub for 15 seconds: palm to palm, front to back, claw to paw, interlocking, wrists, and the thumbs, finish. Towel off while wet, reapply.
    In a peer reviewed independent study published in the Journal of Food Protection, the SaniTwice method for disinfection was equivalent or superior to handwashing with soap and water. When we work catered events, we use SaniTwice. ServeReady hands without the water.

    Yes, this surface is clean to site and touch, but is it really clean? The gold standard for surface cleanliness measurement is still swabbing and lab culturing, but delays in getting the results minimize its impact on training. ATP is particularly helpful in setting and monitoring cleaning protocols. This is the strength of the ATP solution. The clean trace ATP luminometer method gives numerical readings in 25 seconds in RLU’s, relative light units. This surface is reading 212, well below our 300 RLU standard, it’s TouchReady.

    When the staff sees that surface cleanliness is monitored, cleaning frequency and thoroughness increase. They see that compliance now becomes a basis for rewards or discipline. TouchReady is the standard.

    Now, if you just want to verify that a surface was cleaned last night, MarX is the quickest and lowest cost method of checking surface cleanliness. Simply take this convenient UV stamp and invisibly mark the target surface. Return after the next cleaning cycle and shine a UV light on the surface. Gone or not gone? It’s that simple. The Marx system provides a quick and low cost method for tracking cleaning and rewarding success. Are those charged with surface cleaning complying with both your wishes and your budgets?

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