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We will devote ourselves to providing our esteemed customers with the most enthusiastically thoughtful services for Europe style for Aluminum tube to Czech republic Importers, we have built a reliable reputation among many customers. Quality&customer first are always our constant pursuit. We spare no efforts to make better products. Look forward to long-term cooperation and mutual benefits!

Aluminium tube,Aluminium pipe

1.Surface:Mill finished,Silver,Anodized,PE or PVDF painted



4.Length:cutting according to customer’s request

5.Mould:made according to customer’s drawings or sample


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    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Pemko 216 BPK. This is an you can see a door bottom. Lets dissect the part number a little bit. First of all, “216″ stands for the profile of the material. It is a door bottom that has an integrated drip cap. The “B”, that is the cool part, this is solid architectural bronze and is also called brass. This 38″ piece weighs over 5 lbs, it is substantial and it is really a pleasure to see weather stripping that is specifically made and sold and bought with the intention of it lasting literally a lifetime, a person’s lifetime. This is in a mill finish, and is what it would look like as it was extruded from the mill. That is just raw brass is what that is. The “PK” means Pemko Prene which is a proprietary seal material that is higher performance then vinyl. It is available in several different lengths. And of course your aluminum based material in different anodized finishes. This is going to include screws in a complementary finish as you can see there. They are not brass where everything else is. It is not unusual, as you normally want your screws, you don’t want to unintentionally tear or rip or break or shear your screws. This is available in different finishes. You can take the mill brass, upgrade it to satin which is a gorgeous brushed satin brass finish. You can go polished and they will put a little lacquer on it as well. And oil rubbed bronze which would be another way to go. Why people buy these? I’ve seen these on the front doors of city halls, museums, historical applications that need to be able to last literally forever and nothing can really beat a solid brass base material. People will order this for residential applications because they want what is considered the best most durable material and this certainly suits. And they want it to naturally age and they want this mill brass to age. I’ve had people order the oil rubbed for the same purpose. The satin not so much and the polished because people want the polish to fatigue over time, to each their own. Again, I said it was available in different lengths. This is a 38″ piece which is a custom length. We can cut it to length for you and I think you would want us to do that rather then cutting this on your own. Although, it is brass which would be relatively soft. However if you did have a custom length and wanted us to cut it, it is no problem. We would certainly do so and we would provide the slotted hole as you can see here at the proper distance from the edge and the proper center to center as well. You want us to probably cut it for you, as you wouldn’t want to take this 38″ piece and cut it down to 34″ because you would eliminate that hole there. Plus while the material is generally sold in 1′ multiples if you needed a piece that was, you don’t want to over buy this material is what I’m trying to say. It is far too expensive to just cut some off and that would be why you would want to specify your actual cut length. Dimensionally, there is an image below this video showing everything important about it and lets go over that now. You can see first and foremost that it is intended specifically for an 1-3/4″ door. You’ve got a dimension on the small face here of 5/8″ and that is indeed correct. You’ve got a dimension of 1-5/16″ on the face with the drip cap and you’ve got the really most important dimension is the 1/2″ which is going to be a measurement from the inside here to the bottom of the sill, to the bottom of the Pemko prene or the sill. That is your undercut. You want to make sure that you have enough room to accommodate this and not so little that you can’t fit and not too much that it is ineffective. You want your undercut to be determined if it a new door based on this or if you have an existing door which is more common make sure this is going to fit before you buy it because returning cut to length pieces is never without financial distress. Projection of the drip cap is probably about 9/16″, lets check that, which is a much less important dimension. It looks to be closer to 7/16″. Drip caps are really worth their weight in brass in this case. They do an excellent job at helping divert rain away from pooling underneath here so the wind can catch it and try to push it in. Excellent job and drip caps are always a great idea to have. If you have an inswing door, you can visualize at this point that you are going to have to notch that to get it around your stop. If it is an outswing you wouldn’t, but generally doors swing in residential applications. If you have any questions on the Pemko 216BPK mill brass solid door bottom with integrated drip cap or any other Pemko product please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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