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We always work as a tangible team to ensure that we can provide you with the best quality and the best price for China New Product aluminim strip for water pipe Supply to Gambia, We are also constantly looking to establish relationship with new suppliers to provide innovative and smart solution to our valued customers.

Aluminium strip for water pipe is our star product,which widely used for cold water pipe,hot water pipe,5 layer pipes,

aluminium plastic composite pipe, PPR-Al-PPR pipe, PEX-Al-PEX pipe



Thickness:0.15mm to 0.55mm

Width:48mm to 500mm

Surface:Degreased ,after cleaning


Tensile Strength:85-130MPA

Elongation:Min 22%

ID:55MM, 75MM,152MM


Packing:Exporting seaworthy cases

Hangzhou Jinding Aluminium Inudustry Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Shuanglin Jiate Metal Technology Co., ltd are

professional aluminium strip manufacture.Our aluminum strip exporting regularly quantity to Iran, Asia,Europe,

Africa ,ETC. Jinding is a famous brand for aluminium strip in many countries due to our stable good quality,packing

and service!

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  • (29 Jul 2009)
    AP Television
    Nivaran Palace, north of Tehran, 21st July 2009
    1.Pan of classic cars
    2. Close-up of banner reading (English) “Tehran Classic Car Show 09″
    3. Wide of classic cars put on display
    4. Mid of a classic car at show
    5. Close-up of symbol reading (English) “NewLanker”
    6. Wide of classic cars’ trunks at show
    7. Tilt-up of a classic model of Austin TEN
    8. Close-up of sign reading (English) “Austin TEN, 1939-1947″ & (Farsi) “4/1125 cylinders, 30 horsepower, 100 km speed (62.1371 mi), 49000 units, production years: 1939-1947.”
    9. Wide of two classic cars
    10. Zoom out of car’s brand reading (English) “Erskine” to car’s headlights and hood
    11. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Fatemeh Haji Ali, Visitor:
    “It is very interesting that at those times, they paid a lot of attention to the comfort inside the cars. It was important that car’s interior be comfortable. If these cars did not have a great speed, they had a beautiful and eye-catching design to make up for that. Unfortunately, today the new cars are not as attractive as classic cars. Car colours are grey and uninteresting and their designs are mostly alike.”
    12. Close-up of Fatemeh and her friend’s face looking at cars
    13. Wide of visitors walking in exhibition
    14. Close-up of a Phantom Rolls-Royce bonnet mascot
    15. Wide of a phantom Rolls-Royce, formerly belonging to the overthrown Shah of Iran
    16. Pan from Rolls-Royce to visitors
    17. Various of Rolls-Royce interior
    18. Tilt-down from trees and sky to car show
    19. Mid of an old model of Mercedes Benz with its doors opening upward
    20. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Reza Afshar, Head of Technical Committee, Classic Car Association of Iran:
    “Until the 70s, car designers would easily bring their creativities on paper, make a prototype without the least change and manufacture it. Today it is not like that anymore and everything is handled by computers and in wind tunnels and the design of cars has become very similar across the board. When you look at old cars, you find that each one has differences to another.”
    21. Close-up of Mercedes Benz symbol
    22. Afshar getting in an old model of Mercedes
    23. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Reza Afshar, Head of Technical Committee, Classic Car Association of Iran:
    “230 horsepower and 250 kms per hour speed (155.342 mi) was a legendary record in the 50s; that is why this car is one of the first choices for many car collectors.1400 (one thousand-four hundred) units of this car has been manufactured. To make this car, they installed aluminium sheets on a very strong and light metal space chassis by hand.”
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    25. Wide pan of classic car show
    26. Zoom in to Porsche symbol on hood (bonnet)
    27. Mid of two classic models of Maserati and Porsche
    28. Mid of old cars and visitors
    29. Various of car interiors
    30. SOUNDBITE (English) no name given, visitor from the Netherlands:
    “I’ve been to one other show like this in Holland . The amount of cars is larger, but the quality of cars here as it seems, especially when it comes to Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Benz is, in my opinion, far greater. The model of cars and amount of let’s say, high value cars are bigger than what I am used to seeing in Europe.”
    31. Mid of cars’ headlights and hoods
    32. Close-up of a car’s symbol reading (English) “Triumph”
    33. Close-up of car’s symbol reading (English) “Austin-Healey”
    34. Mid of Austin-Healy car
    35. Wide of car show and visitors in Niavaran palace
    LEAD IN:
    Sixty cars dating from the 1930′s to the 70′s were on display at the Classic Car Association of Iran.
    The opulent garden of the Niavaran Palace – the former residence of deposed Iranian monarchy – was the setting for the Tehran Classic Car Show.

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