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Product Name Aluminum Gutter Coil/Gutter Aluminum Coil
Alloy A1100,A3003,A1050,A8011,A3105,A5005   etc
Thickness 0.022mm to 3.0 mm
Width Standard width:1240mm; 1200mm
All width: 30mm – 1600mm
Diameter out dia:1200mm
Interior dia: 405mm,505mm
Weight 2.5 T/coil,3.0 T/coil
Surface Embossed, mill finish, coated; aluminum gutter coil
Color AS to all RAL color
Gloss 10-90%(EN  ISO-2813:1994)
Coating   Thickness PE: more than 18 micron
PVDF: more than 25 micron
Coating   Hardness

(pencil   resistance)

More than 2h
Coating   adhesion 5J(EN  ISO-2409:1994)
Impact   Resistance No peeling or cracking(50 kg/cm,ASTMD-2794:1993)
MEK   resistance More than 100






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  • Aluminum foil – an indispensable tool not only cooks and housewives. Also, this material can be used for medicinal purposes.
    Based on various studies and experiments showed that foil helps to alleviate the suffering of pain in the back, neck, legs, joints and muscles. Aluminum foil is able to exert a therapeutic effect in inflammatory processes in the body, reduce post-surgical scars, and even treat burns.

    Treat pain in muscles and joints with the help of the foil
    Treatment of colds and flu by a foil
    Treatment of burns
    Weakening of phantom pain after amputation
    Treatment of insomnia and relieve fatigue using foil

    Aluminum Foil against pain in muscles and joints
    This tool will help relieve pain in the neck, back, arms, legs and joints. Furthermore, the foil can be used to treat sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

    How to use Aluminum Foil against pain in muscles and joints :
    Wrap the painful area with foil and secure it with a tight bandage. Leave overnight.This procedure should be repeated for 10-12 days. After that, you must take a break of 1-2 weeks. If the pain does not go completely, repeat the treatment.

    Aluminum Foil for Treatment of colds and flu
    Aluminum foil is an excellent tool to fight infections. If you want to avoid the use of antibiotics, this treatment – what you need.

    How to use Aluminum Foil for Treatment of colds and flu:
    Wrap feet 5-7 layers of foil, but between them is necessary to put the pieces of paper or natural fabrics, such as cotton. Leave the foil for one hour, then remove it. Two hours later, repeat the procedure using a new foil. Again, leave for an hour. And repeat the procedure after two hours. Making such wraps is necessary within 7 days.

    Aluminum Foil For burns
    Aluminum foil is able to ease the pain from the burns.

    How to use Aluminum Foil For burns:
    Hold the affected area under cold running water for several minutes. If there is a wound, wipe the burn with a clean soft cloth. If the skin is damaged, clean the wound with sterile gauze. Cover the burn with sterile gauze place and attach the top few layers of aluminum foil. If the wound is not present, the foil can be put directly on the burn. Then tighten all the bandage. Do not remove it until the pain decreases.

    Aluminum Foil For The weakening of phantom pain after amputation
    Studies show that aluminum foil can be used to reduce phantom pain that occurs after the amputation.

    How to use Aluminum Foil For The weakening of phantom pain after amputation:
    It is necessary to wrap aluminum foil amputees and secure foil bandage. The bandage can be removed after the pain decrease or disappear.

    Aluminum Foil For Treatment of insomnia and fatigue
    Use aluminum foil is strongly recommended beauticians and makeup artists from around the world due to the fact that this material helps to refresh and revitalize the face after a sleepless night.

    How to use Aluminum Foil For Treatment of insomnia and fatigue:
    Put a few strips of aluminum foil in the freezer for a couple of hours. Put your frozen strips to those parts of the face that you want to freshen up – cheeks or eyelids. Leave the foil for a few minutes until you feel that the facial muscles relax. When you sweep the strip, you’ll see that the signs of insomnia, fatigue, and stress disappear.

    Which side of the foil used to treat?
    The sides of aluminum foil used for various purposes. For example, to conserve heat and warming the shiny side is applied directly to the skin. A cooling and thermal protection of the matte side is used.

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