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Coated Aluminum Coil
The coated aluminum coil is ideal for producing aluminium composite materials. Zhejiang Shuanglin Jiate Metal Technology Company’s  aluminium coil is coated with high quality fluororesin paint which offers good weather resistance.

Where can coated aluminum coil be used?
♦ To produce aluminium composite panel or aluminum veneers.
♦ Used in exterior applications for decoration and protection of exterior wall, canopy, roof and pillar, etc.
♦ Coated aluminum coil is also ideal for interior decoration for wall, ceiling, bathroom and kitchen, etc.
♦ Used in advertising boards or shop front decoration.

♦ Inner Core: Paper Tube
♦ Outer: Paperboard
♦ Wooden Pallet

As a one of the foremost coated aluminum coil manufacturers and suppliers in China, all coated coils are painted by ALUMAX own coating production line. We can produce different aluminium coil coming with different types of coating, including, PVDF coated, polyester coated, brushed and chromated cleaning coils. Given below are the detailed specifications for your reference.

PVDF coated aluminum coil

Aluminum Alloy AA1100; AA3003; AA5005
Coil thickness 0.25mm,0.30mm,0.40mm,0.50mm
Coil width 1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm, 1550mm, 1575mm
Coating thickness Over 25 micro
Diameter 405mm, 505mm
Coil weight 2.5 to 3.0 tons per coil
Color White series, metallic series, Dark series, Gold series( accept color customs)

Polyester coated aluminum coil

Aluminum Alloy AA1100; AA3003; AA5005
Coil thickness 0.18mm,0.21mm,0.25mm,0.30mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.50mm
Coil width 1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm,
Coating thickness Over 16 micro
Diameter 405mm, 505mm
Coil weight 2.5 to 3.0 tons per coil
Color White series, metallic series, Dark series, Gold series( accept color customs)

Brush finish aluminum coil

Aluminum Alloy AA1100; AA3003
Coil thickness 0.15mm, 0.21mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm
Coil width 1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm,
Diameter 405mm, 505mm
Coil weight 2.5 to 3.0 tons per coil
Color Silver & gold

Clean chromated aluminum coil

Aluminum Alloy AA1100; AA3003
Coil thickness 0.15mm, 0.21mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.45mm, 0.50mm
Coil width 1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm,
Diameter 405mm, 505mm
Coil weight 2.5 to 3.0 tons per coil

Our product is coated with high-performance fluorocarbon, polyester, polyurethane and epoxy coating, and is widely used for roofs, facade cladding, ceilings, aluminum curtains, composite panels, pipe wrap, advertisement plates, instrument panels, and other uses.
In addition to various coated aluminum coil, we can also provide aluminum composite panel, aluminum ceiling, and sandstone tile, etc. All products are widely used in the United States, Australia, Russia, Iran, and Japan.
If you are searching for coated aluminum coil or related products, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve you.

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