9 Years Factory Aluminum Sheet Embossed to Kenya Manufacturers

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We believe that long term partnership is a result of high quality, value added service, rich experience and personal contact for 9 Years Factory Aluminum Sheet Embossed to Kenya Manufacturers, Our professional technical team will be wholeheartedly at your service. We sincerely welcome you to visit our website and company and send us your inquiry.

1. Tolerance:

Thickness tolerance +/-1.5%, width tolerance +/-1mm


2. Application and Usage:

Building Material, Insulation, Shoes &Tents Eyes, Corner Beads, Automotive Industrial, POP Can Bottle and Cap, Deep-Proceeding Case, light industry, TV back board, Street Sign, PP caps, Cell mask and so on.


3. Surfact Quality:

Be free from Oil Stain, Dent, Inclusion, Scratches, Stain, Oxide Discoloration, Breaks, Corrosion, Roll Marks, Dirt Streaks and other defect which will interfere with use,

4. Mechenical Property:

Chemical Composite and Mechanical Property could meet the requirements of GB/T, ASTM, ENAW, and JIS Standard


5. Packing:

First, plastic cloth with drying agent inside;
Second, Pearl Wool;
Third, wooden cases with dry agent, fumigation wooden pallets, aluminum surface could cover blue PVC film


6. Certificate: 

ISO9001:2008, SGS and ROHS (if client request, paid by client), MTC(plant provided), Certificate of Origin(FORM A, FORM E, CO),  Bureau VERITAS and SGS (if client request, paid by client), CIQS certificate


7. Month Capacity: 



8. Trade Terms: 



9. Payment: 

T/T or L/C at sight 

Basic information

Embossed Aluminum Coil/Sheet

Main Specification


AA1xxx (AA1050, AA1060, AA1070, AA1100 etc.)

AA3xxx (AA3003, AA3004, AA3005, AA3105 etc.)

AA5xxx, AA6XXX (AA5052,AA5083, AA5754, AA6061, AA6062 etc.)

AA8xxx(AA8011, AA8006 etc.)


H14,H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32,O/F, T4, T6, T651






GB/T 3880-2006/ASTM

Special specification is available on customer’s requirement

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    auto bottle foil sealing and labeling machine electromagnetic induction foil sealer foil closing machine
    ain Application:
    This machine is mainly used for the sealing of plastic containers with inner aluminum cap foil. It can ensure materials in the bottle damp-proof and prevent to be imitated. It is mainly applied to the packaging lines of medicines, foodstuffs, chemicals, cultural goods, cosmetics, and light industries etc.
    Operating Principles:
    As this machine adopts principle of electromagnetic induction, the goods in magnetic field can be sensitive to magnetism and heated up in a very short time. The surface of aluminum foil produces intense heat for an instant, and intense heat is conducted to the heat sealing so as to achieve airtight seal. Those containers made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyester (PE) and glass ceramics etc. are applied to this kind of sealing.
    This machine adopts intermediate frequency power supply, its active power output is great and outgoing current can be adjustable. It will stop automatically when there is no bottle in the specified position. The machine is characterized by special induction plate, wholly-shielded screen, short sticking time, high speed, easy operation, and stable capability. Besides, it owns auto shutdown functions, such as over-current, over-voltage and under-voltage protection etc. Integrated power amplifier is used on the circuit, which can ensure the stability of electric current. Uniformity of sealing is acquired after the process is finished. There is no way to appear false seam or yellowed aluminum foil on the basis of over heat. It also has function of automatic rejection to caps without aluminum foil, in which the machine can inspect and pick it out automatically. The accuracy of sealing is guaranteed.

    Hey guys , I looked for a while online and couldn’t find videos on how to put these spacers in! Anyhow I can now understand why there was no videos online it was a big pain in the ass! It was just going into it not knowing what to do. I hope this video really helps you guys because I know I would’ve been glad to have watched this before Getting into this just knowing what to do! Basically Jack it up by the frame and support it, lower the axle, remove the tires, loosten shock mounts from up top and bottom the 3 bolts up top. I actually slid mine out with the shock wired so it was small from the top in the engine bay because they were seized. Then remove sway bar links, tie rod end on right side, the big arm that runs on an angle accross, then make sure no lines are to tight( I only had to remove the one and the brake line.) then undo the control arms, I did the upper from the front and the lower from the back just for easier access. it should be low enough then. Then jack it up and reconnect your shocks and everything else and put er back together!

    Anyways I’m no expert but I will do my best to help! I was having issues with my camera shutting off then starting again so I did my best. Ask questions and I will try and answer them within a day or so. Hope this helps! Please no trashing my video! Thanks Schneids15

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