26 Years Factory Colour coated aluminum coils for roofing ceiling for Turkey Manufacturers

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We believe in: Innovation is our soul and spirit. Quality is our life. Customer need is our God for 26 Years Factory Colour coated aluminum coils for roofing ceiling for Turkey Manufacturers, If you are interested in any of our items, please don't hesitate to contact us and take the first step to build up a successful business relationship.

 Colour coated aluminum coils for roofing ceiling

Aluminum Alloy
1100, 1050, 1060, 1200, 3003,  3105, 5052, 5005
Coil thickness
Coil width
Coating thickness
 PVDF Over 25 micron, PE over 20 micron
Coil weight
According to customer’s requirement, normally is 2MT or so
White series, metallic series, Dark series, Gold series( accept color customs)
Standard Exporting Wooden Pallet

We also produce aluminum tread plates,aluminum foils ,aluminum circle ,etc.Welcome your inquiry.

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    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Dorbin 103AP satin aluminum door sweep with nylon pile. This is a typical and common door sweep with a nylon pile and integrated drip cap. Now let me get to what makes it different than the others, the word satin. The surface of the aluminum has been made to be a satin finish versus mill. Someone has gone and hand processed this item. You can see this item which is a mill will have streaks and discolorations. Not a lot of people pick this up but truth to the matter is that this is a more handsome look than mill finish. There is an image below this video showing the overall height which is 2-1/8″ and the height of the extrusion at 1-1/2″ and will leave you with about 5/8″ from the bottom of the extrusion. People who have installed items with drip caps know firsthand how effective they are at preventing the water or rain from pooling underneath. That projection is about 9/16″ and people have learned that this is effective and a great option. If you have an exterior metal hollow door on the back of a strip mall or a condo building every bit that you can do to get the water away from the face of the door or from underneath it is incredibly effective at helping the weather stripping do its job. This is a nylon brush and a real nice quality black brush and people like this because it can seal nicely. Available in a dark bronze finish as well and that would be the 103DP and of course the mill finish is the 103AP without the word satin and polished is available in an aluminum finish. Available in several different lengths. If you have need for a custom length by all means let us know by ordering the next longest piece or pieces and indicating in the comment field what length you would for us to cut the material back to. The reasoning is if you had to take this 36″ and cut it down to say 34″ or 32″ you eliminate that slotted hole and the next one is all the way over here and speaking of those slotted holes, screws are included in a complimentary finish. If you order a custom length we will not only locate that proper distance from the edge but the proper center to center as well. It is nice to have a slotted hole from the factory because especially with a door sweep and for weather stripping in general, a slotted hole will let you tailor that sweep to the bottom of the seal that may not be level or a door that isn’t plumb. It will also help compensate a hole that has been miss drilled and when you are pre-drilling the hole through wood or aluminum, steel, or fiber glass the drill bit has a tendency to walk a little bit before it pierces through and certainly if you haven’t used a center punch before. So that slotted hole also helps for a misdrilled hole as well. Dorbin is a comprehensive manufacturer of all things commercial weather stripping related not only materials made out of aluminum like this but stainless steel, architectural bronze, and they can do hand processing on the aluminum. There is a link below this video to the manufacturer’s pages where you can view their catalog and their line in depth. Any questions on the Dorbin 103AP Satin Aluminum drip cap nylon brush door sweep or any other Dorbin product please feel free to reach out to us.

    We modified some Lyman 525 pellet-shaped shotgun (LEAD) slugs by drilling a hole all the way through them. This has actually been requested by several curious viewers. What effect, if ANY will this have?

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