25 Years Factory Polyester/PVDF Prepainted Aluminum Coil for Colombia Importers

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To be the stage of realizing dreams of our employees! To build a happier, more united and more professional team! To reach a mutual benefit of our customers, suppliers, the society and ourselves for 25 Years Factory Polyester/PVDF Prepainted Aluminum Coil for Colombia Importers, If you have any comments about our company or products, please feel free to contact us, your coming mail will be highly appreciated.

Technical Specifications
♦ Thickness: 0.06mm~1.0mm
♦ Width: 20mm~1590mm
♦ Material (alloy): 1100, 1050, 1070, 3003, 3004, 3105, 3005, 5005, 5052, 5754
♦ Surface Paint: PE, PVDF and special paints.
♦ Outside Diameter: ≤ 1500mm
♦ Inside Diameter: 405mm, 505mm, 150mm, 75mm
♦ Per Coil weight: ≤ 4000kg

The main material of PVDF is polyvinylidene fluoride resin; the utmost negative characteristic of the Fl atom can form a very strength high powerful Fl-C bond. Moreover, with the special symmetry molecule structure, the products are of strong weather resistance performance, anti-ultraviolet performance, super long durability and anti-corrosion performance, which can maintain very bright and glossy color even serving for 20 years in indoor environment. Attributing to the abrasion resistance and impact resistance and flexibility, our products are of excellent mechanical processing performance. PVDF coated aluminum coils are the highest priority of choice to high class aluminum composite panels, and its composite products are widely used in airport, exhibition center, administration center, star hotel and other symbol building.

Application for Polyester/PVDF Prepainted Aluminum Coil:
Suitable to construct curtain walls, ceilings, store faces, wallsand cellular panels

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  • We manufacture many different lines of aluminum foil products including bakeware, roasters, bake pans, serving trays, outdoor cookware, holiday containers, roll foil and sheets, round and oblong aluminum foil trays, sheet cake pans, burner & oven liners, and much more all made with only the finest in aluminum available on the market.
    Any interests, pls contact our sales at sales@hammaxfoil.com

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