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Battery Shell Aluminum Foil


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  Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Inner Diameter External Diameter

Battery Shell Aluminum Foil


O  HX2  HX4

        0.035-0.055   90-1500



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    Product introduction aluminum wheel lock nut dedicated socket set includes: 22mm ~ 26mm 5-piece size plug angle: 1/2 (12.7mm) outside diameter: total length described in each single item page: about 78mm groove of (all sizes) more screw-shaped for There has been designed to bite along with the rotation, is entirely possible to correspond to the circular, the of the type and distorted shapes. Because it is thin and deep design, it enters in narrow and groove. internal taper so a (cross-sectional area reduction in accordance with the inner part), (please refer to the note on the fit is used) also to to the of the of the decimal point (for example 17.5mm). registration: 2005-026868 had lost the than Solve the problem that be removed and the like Hall was from the beginning When you buy a car! corresponding to a full circle in the type! * 1 loosen enough to turn in direction, blade into the available in the of “circular type” and * 1 idling type, etc., is to type. In addition, rust and corrosion, tighten One or the in the over-torque, and may be by the conditions. Penetrate even in their own “very and deep” and groove, “ultra-thin”, “slim & Straight”, “deep” specification 14mm ~ rich lineup! Insertion 9.5: 14mm 15mm 16mm (also to the poison was Supagupuragu!) 12.7: 17mm ~ various item, and the available. To customers who are viewing this to all the description of the goods guidance of sponsored links (help here) Q & A Q & A display reviews yet No is. Star 5 4 3 2 1

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