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We always think and practice corresponding to the change of circumstance, and grow up. We aim at the achievement of a richer mind and body and the living for 15 Years Factory Cable Aluminum Foil to France Manufacturer, For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. All inquiries from you will be highly appreciated.

Technical Specifications of Cable Aluminum Foil:
♦ Thickness: 0.009-0.03mm
♦ Width: 250-1280mm
♦ Material (alloy): 8011
♦ Aluminum is lighter in weight and more cost effective than copper.
♦ Thicker film substrates provide higher dielectric and tensile strength.
♦ Thicker foil substrates provide higher conductivity and tensile strength, and lower signal attenuation.
Tips: product width size is divided according to customers’ needs.

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) I.D.(mm) O.D.(mm) Thickness Tolerance(%) Length Lightness
1050 O 0.01-0.3 300 76 500 ≤5 COIL ≤60
1060 O 0.01-0.3 300 76 500 ≤5 COIL ≤60
8011 O 0.01-0.3 300 76 500 ≤5 COIL ≤60

Cable Aluminum Foil Application:
Mainly used in construction ,decoration ,packing ,printing, cover material ,piping, electronic, elements, refrigeration, air condition, automobile ,etc.
We possess advanced composite machine and cutting machine, we can cut aluminum foil mylar to the width of 5mm to 1.5m. The main composite materials are PE, PET, BOPP etc.

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    This video is to bring you a closer look at the National Guard Products 136N. This is a mill finish aluminum door bottom seal with National Guard Products TPV seal. This is something that could be mortised into the edge of the door or something that could be surface mounted or whatever suits your application would be permissible. Door bottom seal, mortised edge, with a plastic vinyl insert. Mill is what the finish is on the aluminum. It is also available in the DKB finish for dark bronze, an anodized aluminum with a dark bronze finish. It is fire rated for smoke and draft control applications, UL10B, UL10C up to three hours and air infiltration tested. There is a link below this video to a product brochure but before we get to that, lets check the dimensional properties. I’m not really sure if they are talking about the 3/8″ being mortised side or the width of the aluminum extrusion. It looks like it is the aluminum extrusion. The height of the extrusion they have at 3/16″, What I like to do with an item like this is you can hack this piece of hardware and here is what I mean. If you are going to use this as an astragal, as a door bottom, to seal windows maybe a restaurant on the street in the summertime they open up all of these windows and in the winter they need to close and seal everything. One thing that Ii like to do is mortise this into the door. I will purchase from an industrial hardware supply store, a spring that will go behind here. When you pull the vinyl back, you see the hole there for the screw and what that screw which is quite small through that hole and through that spring, the greater that I turn the screw in, the more that it draws the item in so I’m obviously mortising it deeper than the recommended mortise depth which it is not hard and fast they are just giving you a 3/16″ dimension for this. You are going to want to confirm how deep you should mortise it if you are mortising it. With a spring application, you can turn that screw and draw it in ever so slightly or you can back it out and let it release out ever so slightly. The purpose of doing that is especially if it is an astragal. Doors don’t stay square and plumb and they end up doing this a lot or they will end up doing this. A pair of doors will very likely end up doing this and coming in towards the top where all of the weight of the doors really hanging down on the hardware. Your ability to tailor the projection of the astragal is akin to having a proper seal years down the road. Now the manufacturer isn’t saying to do this, I’m just drawing on my experience of being able to circumvent the fact that this is a fixed sort of dimension when it is all installed so take that into consideration as it might be a procedure that is helpful to you. You will be able to buy springs from an industrial hardware store. Now, there is a link below this video to a document called the product brochure and that is handy because it will allow you to review this item along with their 116 product which is the same concept but just wider in terms of its foot print. The seal is larger as well. It is a very typical item but is just a single page out of the manufacturer’s catalog. This is available in the website in several different lengths. If you have need for a custom length, by all means let us know by ordering the next longest piece or pieces and simply indicate in the comment field what length you would like for us to cut the material back to. The reasoning is that if you had to take this 3′ piece and cut it down to say 32″, you would eliminate that hole there for the screw and the next one you see is all of the way over here. So you are stuck cutting it and drilling another hole. Admittedly, if you are mortising the door for this, it is not going to be as challenging to cut this piece of aluminum to drill the hole, but if you were to order the length exactly the way you want it, lets say your doors are 83-1/4″ then order 7′ pieces and indicate your length of 83-1/4″ and we will cut them to length and at least saving you that step of the process. There is a link below this video to the manufacturer’s page where you can pull up the full line National Guard products catalog and review all things weatherstripping related from National Guard whose name is quite synonymous with weatherstripping. Not only door sweeps or astragals like this or door bottoms, but thresholds, perimeter gasketing, material made of aluminum like the 136 is, material made of stainless steel and architectural bronze as well. They have also a comprehensive offering of steel vision frames for both wood and metal doors. If you have any questions on the National Guard 136N mill finish aluminum door bottom seal or astragal or any other National Guard product, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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