13 Years Manufacturer Anodising Aluminum Coil Export to Chile

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"Sincerity, Innovation, Rigorousness, and Efficiency" is the persistent conception of our company for the long-term to develop together with customers for mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit for 13 Years Manufacturer Anodising Aluminum Coil Export to Chile, Inspired by the rapid developing market of the fast food and beverage consumables all over the world , We are looking forward to working with partners /clients to make success together .

Anodising Aluminum Coil



Alloy: 1060,1050, 1350, 1200, 1100, 3003, 3105, 3004, 3104, 5052, 5083,5754, 6061, 7075, 8011

Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22 and H26

Width: 20 to 2550mm

Roll diameter: up to 1,500mm (maximum)

Core inner diameter: 76mm, 152mm, 505mm

Thickness: 0.2 to 7mm

Rolled and laminated width: 2,500mm (maximum)

Coating/lacquers slipped are available in plain or color

Customized requirements are accepted

ISO certified


1. Lamps and lanterns                         

2. Solar reflective materials;

3. Washing machine and Refrigerator;  

4. Boiler



1) Light and easy to be bending, has protective film on surface, no damage during processing.

2) Good UV existence: can be used in different kinds of environment, they are corrosion-resistance, no oxidation, damp proof, salt fog-resistance, acerbity and alkali resistance.

3) Pollution-resistance: finger printer is not easy to stay. Easy to clean ,is very suitable for using in air pollution’s area.

4) Scratch-resistance: oxide layer is rigid. Grade of surface hardness reaches to the level of sapphire .hard to be scratched. Common cleaning process won’t make damage to the surface.

5) The color is equal on surface, oxide layer will never be break off.

6) High security: antistatic, cooling, aluminum is good at fire-resistance. There is no poisonous gas after burning, it answer for strict fire control policy.

7) New designs are updated every month. We can explore new designs for Customers as requirements.




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  • Wind energy generator. from Bartosz Barejko.

    If we will consider, Sun. Gravity and Magnetic winds and the Time as free so only from these forces we can get the free power.
    Sun as Heat waves, Gravity and Magnetism, as the Force of constant wind and all this is tact and moving by the Time circle or Sphere of patterns to every living matter.
    Lets start to use these forces individually and for the benefit of many.

    Hi and greetings to everybody I am doing all this as my Kick starting campaign.

    Because it takes a lot of time to make
    Graphene so I decided To substitute my future kinetic batteries system work, with today technology. All the material that I will show you here it is ahead of any technology today but still not good enough for the future. Here is the perfection of the shape in the solid material , it is the perfect sphere. the shape of the sphere is simply π ≈ 3.14 and uncountable to any limits. So let’s start the journey through which you may participate with me in the developing processing. Today we will start to make the wind sail. I will give all the details let me know how to keep it open source so no patenting can be made I will appreciate your advice.

    The Future will belong to II kinds of energy generators but eventually only one will survive. The first that will be with the energy supplied from the outside like mostly today generators the second will have the energy of movement from inside out on like the Tokomak one but it will not generate so much heat and will be scalable from mega to nano generators.

    So here is the first energy from outside :
    We now need the Sheet of aluminum to cut the circle shape in the size scalable to the magnetic generator you can count it if you make it everything from the start yourself or you may size the sheet of aluminum to the size of wings in high attitude. Now from the cut out circle we do cut in the middle in half to wings. We mostly have to repeat it one more time this way we did crated 4 unites we should make more wings if the environment is not windy,
    Now we connect them freely in the top and the bottom so that it is sealed good in the Sphere shape . And sometimes we can stop with this, but if we are willing to spend some more money. And make it very efficient we must go on.
    Now because in some sort of places the Heat is in the advantage to the wind we do make the big tube inside with the open circle at the top and hose open connection or valve some little bit more down from the middle of the pipe so the access heat will help to escape the steam to rotate the wings from the middle connected hoses acting on the wings 2 or 3 will work. How it will happened. It is simple the Wings should be covered with liquid silver or just made as the mirrors from inside , This way it will not matter to much, the set up to the sun rays, Any way the heat will be dissociated inside and will be bouncing in between the mirrors creating sometimes from 100 to 250 Celsius but it will mostly be collected by the tube with water.
    As for the electric generator itself with this kind of energy from outside, the most efficient will be the standard 2 discs with strong magnets set on the roll wheel in between of them disc with copper windings. There are many on the market some are better design some are not acceptable, very important it is that the magnetic discs are solid set with one to another so that the winding of cooper in series in the middle disc will not vibrate freely.
    It is all been already designed and recalculated and some of this turbines will be shown soon .
    All this technology is in need today In Africa China India and many more so please do not patent this and keep this as the developing processing.
    Next we will go after the 20-30 Years working rechargeable batteries one that the world is still after.

    how to stick the non-woven cloth on the aluminum ceiling tile or aluminum sheet.

    pre-painting aluminum coil,
    1. punch the hole as perforate drawing,
    2.then cut to the standard size: 654mm*654mm (30mm height ceiling tile ) or 638mm*638mm (20mm height ceiling tile ) or orther size for lay in tile…..
    3. put the sheet on the following machine which stick the non-woven cloth ( black or white color choose )
    4. save labbor and much more effective
    5. you can see how it work with following video speed 8000pcs/ day

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